Ninjakilla is ALREADY GODLIKE at Mortal Kombat 1! Liu Kang Pro Player Gameplay -

Ninjakilla is ALREADY GODLIKE at Mortal Kombat 1! Liu Kang Pro Player Gameplay

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  1. Please review NK and sonic matches they went off!!!

  2. Wait until you see ninjakilla_212 vs sonicfox.

  3. Maybe they’re trying to make Kitana more of a set up character idk… it really felt like she was much weaker than the other 3 when I played her

  4. Tweeds do a ninja vs fox analysis. They ran a good set.

  5. If Onaga is in, Nitara and Hotaru shld be in it. Onaga n Nitara have wings and Hotaru has those things coming off his shoulders, and u know Boon gets the most out of everything. Look at subs spinal cord n skull. U use it in 3 or 4 moves

  6. This game is going to be so cracked out with the other kameo and the game speed up a bit

  7. Tweedy who do you think is coming in this mk and who are you gonna use

  8. Honestly you can't based Kitana's pontential based on what gambler is doing. She has a lot of set up potential with fan-nado move which he didn't go for at all. Ninja is just on another level when comes to understanding a character.

    Just like Sonic with kenshi. He's broken AF but who's really pulling off that sentou stuff other than him in just a couple of days? Those two are already at a level where it should take most other people a few months to get to. Kitana needs time to explore or someone with their level of understanding to really show off what she can do cause unlike Liu, her playstyle varies between games and the only thing that stays the same is her fan toss but its properties also change from game to game.

  9. Nice but sonicfox and his kenshin gameplay was stupid insane

  10. u should review ninja vs sonic on mk1 it’s insane tbh

  11. It's all good that you didn't really get to play the stress test bro. We all know you are one of the best. There are countless streams, videos, and tournaments that you have won in 🙏 I already know you are going to come out swinging when the beta is released! Keep your head up and stay positive bro!!!

  12. I'm glad Gambler was kind enough to let you use some footage. What a legend!

  13. I would have thought with Gambler being such a strong Sub-zero player in 11, that it’d be a no brainer he’d use Sub in this game. Very interesting

  14. You can review SonicFox Kenshi vs Nijakilla Liu, very interesting game set.

  15. Defs need to react to Ninjakilla vs Sonic mk1 vid , probs the most pro gameplay ive seen

  16. 3:35 Man I swear if kameo Stryker don't allow me to pull off kombos like this, me and Ed about to have a problem.

  17. it's easy to learn a game so fast when you don't have a job, wife, or children to take care of. yay for gaming.

  18. I must consult with the elder gods - says:

    1:47 yea that's so freaking smart no one else could even think about that lol
    let's praise ninkjakilla for actual crazy sh*t he does not lame ass setups like this alrigh?!

  19. There’s so much to explore with this game even with the small roster of the test. I’m really looking forward to labing this game

  20. Aye Homie you make this shit mad easier to understand!! Commentaries are Godlike!!! Thank you!!

  21. It was a difficult time for us Kitana mains. Shes so cool looking but shes kind of ass. She doesnt have as much damage as the others, she lost the zoning war against all of them pretty much and her armored reversal sucks. I used her ex fan toss close to make some plus on block gimmics u can also force them to block with the bfd4 setup in the corner and if you don't block it she can get 40% with 2 kameo assists.

  22. Gambler is so mean to everyone. Letting ppl use his stream and stuff. Jk of course.

  23. I was hoping Kitana would be OP after 11. I think i'll pass. Get zoned to death and when you do get in, no damage? BS.

  24. But everyone was saying he wouldn't amount to anything after MKX lol. He proved everyone wrong lmao😂😂😂

  25. I cannot watch geras without thinking of tweedy 😮

  26. I played mostly Kitana in the stress test and what you are saying about her is true. Her zoning isn't great and her damage output is pretty bad. She does okay in mid range but she is very underwhelming compared to the other three in this build. This video was great too btw. Keep it up.

  27. Lk is broken in that build gambler can't win that shit lol Lk damage is out of control for no resources

  28. He actually learned that from somebody else who told him to do low fireball and sonya in air. Not saying he dont have the capabilities of doing so but i like to give credit where its due.

  29. Liu seems super strong! Extreme combo damage, insane fireball game. Or maybe its ninja who make it seem like that…but I guess its the combination of liu and ninja

  30. @Tweedy do u think mk1 is better than mk11? I think its really nice that a lot of the scrubby bs like mashing d2 to get a cb isnt in the game anymore.

  31. Bro Stop talking about Kitana's projectiles being slow. This f*cking b*tch has had broken projectiles every single MK game. I'm glad they went this route. She can be more up close and she shouldn't be able to compete with "Fire God" Lui Kang anyway. Maybe regular lui kang but this is fire god Lui and nobody cares about kitana. Death to edenia

  32. Not even kidding you would become a commentator you talking kept me engaged the entire time

  33. Kitana needs her low fan. Thats why her mix-ups are lacking

  34. I hope regular liu plays better.. not impress

  35. Meterless damage is what i missed in mk11 i hope the damage scaling stays like it is right now because cool looking combos are useless if you do 25% its like fujins bread and butter the combo damage in mk11 made it suck so hard this game looks like you can finally get over 30 % again without wasting 3 bars of meter

  36. 3:37 i think the uppercut is not looking goofy its the kameos that run out these are goofy 😅

  37. He was practicing in mk11 in one of the towers for weeks. That's why he's so good. Plays very similar to that tower mode

  38. Can we please see othere characters. Everyone is using the same character. Liu Kang holy crap

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