Ninja's BEST Game This Season -

Ninja’s BEST Game This Season

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Fortnite is BACK BABY

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  1. Hey manager I got guitar right here here I wish I can text to I don't know your like info so I mean type of comets let's And let me describe to you are you I forgot I have a guitar I can make your extra music goes it dunt okay okay I've been make it And if you see my voice and realize my voice is really down and I'm 5 years old okay So so like I wish you can give it 1⁄2 like text you because like I don't really want to do that like thing like that microphone thing

  2. Show mike Come my house She's very cool Pictures in the car

  3. ninja but why don't you do fortnite arena (with builds), and single with builds ??

  4. LOL funny Tyler Ninja Pro I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅

  5. Damn that opening clip, just dumpstering that spider man was savage! Love it

  6. TBH!!!! i think fortnight should bring back or add a mode or season where you can play in the season one map with season one weapon. I think it will bring back a lot of players that left and bring people that wanted to play season one but didn’t get to because the game was not as big and popular. I still remember playing season one with my friends of xbox.

  7. at 8:01 he drives the tank past a guy crouching and hiding (on the left) – woulda been a 20 bomb!

  8. The old memories when ninja died of ligma

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  10. what setting is the circle in the middle of the screen that shows directions of sounds?

  11. Why is YouTube recommending me Ninja? Pretty sure he’s the guy Drake made famous. Anyways if I’m feeling bored I might buy this guys house and evict him. Seriously though what did you say to me you little shit? Why aren’t you in school.

  12. My highest elimination record was 17 kills

  13. So is it because he can just click where the person is that makes the aim so good on PC?

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