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Ninjas Creed |offline Game’s |Ninja Game|JK Gamer

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Ninjas Creed |offline Game’s |Ninja Game|JK Gamer

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About this game:
Play the epic multiplayer shooting game! Let’s start the real-time battles now!

Ninja’s Creed is one of free fun 3D real sniper shooting games with various types of assassin weapons. You will feel a real powerful shooting experience and top great 3d graphics. You need to hide in shadow, secretly eliminate criminal gangs, disrupt underground deals, wipe our justice, and assassinate supreme leaders of the crime forces, become the archer shooting king of each region! Crush them all! It’s an epic fps shooter game that combines elements of Ninja assassin in 2022 and play for free. Begin your first person shooting action archery adventure, lock in target and end the evil with an arrow, wipe out injustice, become the invisible protector of the city! Be the hero and shooting king, you are skilled archery shooter


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