Ninja's FIRST Solo Win Of 2022?! -

Ninja’s FIRST Solo Win Of 2022?!

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Been playing with friends so much recently that I haven’t had as much time for solo games. Glad to get some games in and improve on my own!

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  1. Anyone else notice that fortnite steals ideas from apex all the time honestly kinda sad

  2. One time I saw a wolf in Fortnite in season six and I haven’t played Fortnite in a while so I didn’t know what the wolves were supposed to do and then my friend says shoot it rain comes running after me until I die

  3. "These bad boys are here to stay"
    Proceeds to throw them out of inventory.


  4. You're very good at Fortnite I believe you can get a win

  5. Why did you not tell us you was party monster in hotel transformania

  6. what happening to the old ninja that was so hyper when he played

  7. Ninja is accurate as hell with that shotgun

  8. hi everyone, just asking if you can subscribe i never post videos so it wont make a difference because im trying to get a support a creator for customs please and thank you

  9. I’d do anything to go back to season 1 when Ninja was basically the only GOAT at this game, and would scream at his monitor…but having him back playing will suffice…. I’ll never forget playing against him at a H2 tourney

  10. Can someone tell me how to get to solo again? I forget and now I’m stuck in the game and keep playing the one I don’t want :/

  11. Kkkkkkkkkkkk😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Have you played with somebody named Alex

  13. I haven't seen ninja in 3 years and now he's alot better at fortnite

  14. Ninja can you please watch the video above Mr. fresh Asian when he said he’s a bear seen videos about you I love you you I love you an

  15. Ninjas are the best streamer in the world I love your videos by

  16. Your wife went to Wausau west for school my teacher told me he plays fortnite

  17. can you gift me a skin my user is cool kid 4421 please gift me one i have 2 skins please

  18. u stuck ninja i'm a big heter


  19. Can I get your name from the item shop for one thing please

  20. I love you NINJA add me hamod270 I am cracking at Fortnite I subscribe your all videos I love you

  21. can you 1v1 me sometime my tag is katkat710

  22. Bro ninja i dyed my hair blue just for you keep up the good work:)

  23. yo nunca juego solitario pq siento mucho que voy a perder porque tengo skin comun y me matan muy rapido y juego otros modos de juegos

  24. Just about to get fortnite for first time cause if u my favourite ytuber

  25. Jesus Loves Yall And Is The Way To Everlasting Life

  26. i love you vids keep going with you nintees

  27. One thing about ninja his shotgun shot is deadly ever since chapter one Ninja has always had a nasty shot

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