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  1. Michael's Character Arc:
    Introduction. 0:15
    The Free For All Begins. 2:00
    Anger On The Board. 5:04
    Mind Games 7:08
    Physical/Surprisingly Sexual Discomfort On The Battle Field 12:16
    Battle Against A Loved One. 14:08
    Playing No More Games. 17:53
    The Final Begins. 19:00
    Grand Battle Against The Taser Tyrant. 21:45

  2. Ninja Poki should legit be a secret agent. With her emotional manipulation, she could topple governments.

  3. "LOSERS GET TASED"… so Im guessing this was Michael's idea?

  4. It's funny bcuz one of the characters lily voices is a ninja

  5. To be honest i think im watching too much michael reeves videos that i thought at the intro michael reeves was gonna throw a tazer shurikens

  6. for awhile poki was doing the ziech heil position

  7. If there I ever an episode I want a sequel of… it's this one. I need to know how the dynamic advances. Does Scarra find his own anime? Will Michael and Lily ever form a team? Will Fed and Michael end their rivalry? And of course, if Poki lost in this season… will Toast's seduction make him the next villain?

  8. I would really like this team as the third surprise challenger pack

  9. Is it just me or at the second last battle Micheal looked like a penguin after he won

  10. I really want to play this game with my friends
    And yes I will use Poki’s strategy

  11. Michael is winner because the first time he defeated fed then second fed defeated then how did fed won why did they do a remach

  12. Ok I'm gonna be honest here when it shows Michael "scares everyone" I accidentally dropped my phone and got scared

  13. I like it how the intro is 100% accurate.

  14. I am surprised none of them did the Rock Lee pose when one of their hand was out

  15. I like how scarra vanishes from plain sight, when fed wants to taze lol

  16. Where they at?
    Scarra: sidestep no jutsu


  18. Lily hit Michael's throat, I couldn't stop laughing
    Toast just makes me laugh everytime
    Poki, you're the best emotion manipulator
    Michael beat Lilly despite having his windpipe sliced at
    Scarra is just Scarra

  19. I want to see more bro that was intense 🤣

  20. Scarra in that Tazer scene is literally White Shadow

  21. Micheal just used thunder breathing against poki

  22. Poki was the villain, fed was the old champion who had had the crown for way too long, and Michael was the protagonist

  23. y’all have this wrong
    •Fed is the main character who is ‘relatable’ because he’s social awkward and not good with girl. Also because he has a morally questionable character and no one really likes him.
    •Poki is the villian and her villian backstory is that Lily choose Mykull instead of her.
    •Lily is the sweet one. She was in a love triangle between Poki and Mykull. Eventually she dies for Mykull and everyone watching is emotinally scared because we all got really attached to her.
    •Mykull is the side character that everyone just adopts as the Protaganist because we all like him and his story line better.
    •Toast is the comic relief that just kinda become irrelevant at some point but everyone still lives him because he’s funny.
    •Scarra is the old sensei who trained Poki before relising she was to powerful so he trained Fed and Mykull hoping that they would take her down together but they split apart and went their septet ways. Mykull with lily and Fed continuing the quest to go after Poki.

  24. As a simp for the crackman I would like to say at the end of the first poki vs crack man she moves without attacking twice and cheats so crack man had always won

  25. looking back at this, should've noticed how disgusting fed was. 8:51
    pooki : im sorry lily
    lily : no dont apologize
    fed : dont

  26. yet again just another reason for Michael to taze people

  27. The ghost of scared and toast gave their technique to fed in the final fight

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