Part - 3 | How to Make a Fruit ninja game in MIT App Inventor 2 -

Part – 3 | How to Make a Fruit ninja game in MIT App Inventor 2

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Part – 3 | How to Make a Fruit ninja game in MIT App Inventor 2
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  1. Please tell how to make candy crush game in mit app inventor

  2. U didnt showed us how u made GameOverLy Dude..

  3. mine fruits are not coming downwards and and score is just increasing without touching any fruit. pls help!!

  4. i love how you just commit your mistake i tried another youtuber they just did not commit her mistake -_-
    thats why i always watch your vids you know me 😉

  5. mine doesnt add scores in the game over screen

  6. do you have instagram or discord? i need help

  7. you are a f
    realy game is not working properly i watched all the videos 5 times again and again

  8. Thank you so much for the tutorial. May I please know how to add the reset button to the gameover screen and reset it?

  9. Thank you so much for the tutorial. May I please know how to add the reset button to the gameover screen and reset it?

  10. In Starting level game work properly but when speed of fruits start increasing then game will go out of control then game over.

  11. thanks for the tutorial, my Only problem is that the fruits don't move to down even if I put their speeds to 10

  12. how to see our game how it is woring in the middle

  13. I think your videos are amazing but i have a quick question when i press play it shows the game over screen. what should i do?

  14. why the fruits are not going down to bottom but at the same time can get points?

  15. thank you very much for the tutorial, but there's a problem, i don't see when you created "gameoverLY", can you say me when you have created it?

  16. In the last what should to make visible cause i have done whole program but it no happening anything in my phone like only startLY is only visible even when i click to start nothing is happening further so please can you guide me

  17. Ther is big error in grogramation of this game

  18. sir, the game is not working ,its directly going to the gameoverly after cling the play button

  19. pa helped po why the score is adding

  20. can you helped me about the score because in every catch the score is adding in 2 or more

  21. Hello, hope you can help me. why when i run the game it suddenly start with score and turn to the game over screen instantly when i click start button. badly needed asap. thank you

  22. i have a question. why in the block "when fruit colide w other", the added value is 2? i don't get it this all block.

  23. Sir I want to make a barrel royal game can you help me😭 😭

  24. i have a problem when the fruits colid whith each other. can u help?

  25. In part 1 when do you put the game overly

  26. Actually my fruits are not falling down can plz help me plz😭

  27. at the last of this video white screen came !! what shall i do in my it"s same and after play button is clicked everything vanishes ??? how?? n why??

  28. why my fruit does not moving? HELP ME URGENT!!!


  30. Fruits not falling.. Pls help..
    Will appreciate if you share a video

  31. Hi brother, I created an Fruit Ninja game in MIT App Inventor by watching your videos on YouTube. But, it didn't work as expected. Can you please help me out? I'd be so grateful.

  32. Can u Please tell me that where you have created game over screen. Please telll

  33. you dont show how to create that gameover

  34. hello why when i start the game the score set more than 0 at start? help pls

  35. Why are all 3 of my vertical screens in one when there all visible??

  36. the fruit is moving side to side not down and up, how to fix this?

  37. Hi, i have a question. When i start the app its showing the gameoverLy page and startLy page at the same time eventhough it has already been disabled. Would you know how to fix this?

  38. im following your vedio , but why is still error and put the file on your website thanks

  39. why is the character (ninja) doesn't go all the way to the side? I mean is just half way to the left and half way to the right ?

  40. the fruits don't move down and the score keeps on increasing itself

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