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Phantom Blade Zero – Announce Trailer | PS5 Games

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Check out the world premiere of Phantom Blade Zero, a new Action RPG featuring deep and dark art style, fast paced combat, and a fictitious world blending Chinese martial arts and steampunk!
Be the Dark Raider exiled by “The Order”, embark on the path of vengeance, and uncover the darkest secrets of Wulin!

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  1. this is not open world right cause that's gonna be an easy pass if it is

  2. The combat will either have no mechanical skill to it, or it will be like a cut scene with you being able to change it a bit

  3. The combat looks so real just hope they follow through, hopefully it’s not just cutscenes 😂😮‍💨

  4. I don't like how contrived and forced the action looks. Nor can the setting be related to any specific referent. I prefer the FROM games…

  5. The problem is, there are no kights in China these days, pretty cringy video game really

  6. If bloodborne and ghost of tsushima had a baby

  7. Me encanta los juegos de samurai de la edad media

  8. If u like the combat, than u will love For Honor…

  9. Linear game. Would've been impressive if it was open like Ghost of Tsushima, that being said it's just another game making it look extremely cool but really it's all animations.

  10. At this point you make Roblox look so much fun

  11. This game could become either one of the best games of the year (for the combat) – or one of the worst if they don’t deliver what we’ve seen. Excited but not overly hyped!

  12. Reminder: Not to preorder anything

  13. This game has so much perennial, if it makes right

  14. I have a feeling this will end up like cyberpunk so don’t raise your expectations

  15. What I find funny is that this trailer doesn't want to go slow at all.

    Even the final cutscene is trying to somewhat slow down the pace, but the camera is still going a little too fast for the dramatic dialogue.

  16. I love the way that combat is looking. Let’s hope this game delivers, and doesn’t end up being another Wo-Long situation

  17. This game should be called Ronin gaiden tenchu showdown

  18. For once in a very long time, China appears to have made something cool.

  19. If this turns out to be timed event gameplay I will cry.

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