Playing as a NINJA in Roblox! -

Playing as a NINJA in Roblox!

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We’re are Ninjas today in Roblox!
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  1. I think all the krew have a cool ninja outfit

  2. i love all of the outfits but not Dracos

  3. I think Funneh and Lunar has the coolest ninja outfit

  4. Me and my cousin ate keesha im jewel :D says:

    Rainbow is nice outfit

  5. <3 u guys are the best you guys make me happy everyday <3

  6. The best outfit is golds rainbow lunar and funneh

  7. Allen😠

    Kat being annoyed by her younger brother because he kept failing

  8. When they were fighting the bees Rainbow should've said "wow these zom-bees are strong

  9. I think Rainbow has the coolest outfit 😀

  10. draco has the best outfit because i love naruto so much and attack on titan

  11. Oh wow ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ninjas hahaah good one Funneh😑😑😑

  12. I think Funnehcake s outfit is the coolest

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