Playing the Nimble Ninja game with Neural Networks in Swift 3! (Part 2) -

Playing the Nimble Ninja game with Neural Networks in Swift 3! (Part 2)

tanmay bakshi
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Part 1 of this video:
Michael Leech’s Nimble Ninja Series:
Collin Hundley’s Swift AI:

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  1. A fool answer the questions of people…..who comment on your vidios…….

  2. please guide me as I just wanted to begin learning programming

  3. Your pronunciation is unclear.
    so plz speak with slowly with clear pronunciation

  4. In one of your interviews, you stated that you begin programming at 5. I don't believe that to be honest, but I am extremely impressed with your skills.

  5. hey kiddo …. really amazing the way your explaining….

  6. i am interested to learn coding and making own software

  7. I recommend I you to use smart board rather white board bro! 🙂

  8. Which books are best for learn coding???

  9. Your the worlds cleverest/intelligent boy in the world

  10. I have heard much about you and I wonder why

  11. Yes your teaching about ios,artificial intelligence and programming is very fair but u should raise ur voice or speak a little more near the microphones i can barely hear you that's my feedback…☺️

  12. hey can you make a video how to understand coding and create an app

  13. 视频中的声音略轻,能否加大点音量呢?

  14. hi i am new to programmming,i dont know anythinh about it,but how can i learn about it,how to get x code and use on my macair?

  15. Heya….!!! Tanmay!!!
    Are you a Gujarati guy????
    Please tell…..!!

  16. please make videos from basics of all concepts for beginners and in parts

  17. Hi tanmay ,I today met you in apeejay sheksarai,in the workshop.🙂🙂

  18. so many words it surprisingly make sense


  19. i don't have words to express you ….you are such amazing you are too good 😇😇😇😇

  20. Hello tanmay ji. I am from india and i am from commerce background. I never get the opportunity to interact with any technological work. I love techo. Would this 'julia' book help me to learn coding from beginning. Cause i am zero in this platform and i can do anything to learn this.
    Please help

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