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Pokemon Arceus: 10 Things The Game DOESN’T TELL YOU

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Pokemon Legends Arceus (Nintendo Switch) has finally arrived! Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.
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  1. 5:24 😆🤫 You're gonna upset the kiddies. Your "Fainting" them remember? Haha

  2. 17 hours into this game and I'm already almost 5th star just because I haven't stopped completing the pokedex in the very first area

  3. One thing it doesn’t tell you: IT SUCKS

  4. Fun tip: You can gain friendship with your pokemon by simply using them to gather recourses!

  5. What is the point of connecting to the internet gameplay wise…. please fill me in.

  6. Just to clarify, if I want the Orgin Form choose the clan member of the opposite clan?

  7. this 'new' type of gameplay is a fantastic start for future pokemon games. hope they will stick with this model. 🥳

  8. To be a little more clear on the distortions without massively spoiling, they start coming into play pretty much at the start of the second map I believe. I don’t remember doing any quests beyond setting up a camp, yet I started running into them. (Granted, they spawned in, shall we say, an inaccessible area, so that pissed me off)

  9. we're never going to stop using the term "overworld" though the entire game is overworld.. Love it! great review too though…

  10. Save file? Ummm, can it be a demo? I don't have a diamond and pearl tho'.
    This is my first Pokémon game on the switch. 😅

  11. I heard Mayan Coby and I read Majin Coby lol cmon man complete missed the dbz reference haha

  12. So if I want the origin form of dialga I choose pearl

  13. Im not gonna lie, this game is GameCube levels of fun that gets boring after 3-4hrs.

    Is it "The Best Pokémon Game EVER?!!"…… No. Definitely not.

    I'll wait until late Feb or early March for the REAL reviews from Real gamers rather than Poketubers who call EVERY Pokemon the best ever until a month or two later when the "Problems with Pokémon" videos start to arrive.

    I dunno why YouTubers just can't keep it real to themselves and their audience.

    I don't want a breath of the wild Pokémon game, and that's where we as fans need to stop comparing games that shouldn't be compared.
    I just wanted a semi-open world Pokémon game, bustling with life and animations, a story you don't necessarily have to follow, gym badges (say what y'all want but I like battling for badges and raising my team of 6 unique typings), the ability to character customise from the beginning: choice of 7 different voices, hair, age, height and clothes.
    Instead of being given a starter the first route has baby Pokémon like Elekid, Magby, Eevees, Happinys and Togepis at 5% and Pichus.. something different.

    A world where trainers are all over and you can Choose to battle them.
    A world where you can Surf and Dive as long as you have a large enough water Pokémon.. same as fly/Soar.
    A Pokémon that looks a lot better than this with a whole lot more to do and see.

    I can't wait to see how they Botch gen 9.

    Gone are the days where Pokémon had great content like BW2, HGSS, Emerald and FRLG.

  14. Hey gameranx did your hear where some of people in game mentioned Kanto do u know if they journey into that area next like kanto before it became what it was?

  15. To swim fly and run around on foot is there specific pokemon that allow this like i seen a specific bird type pokemon that u fly with but in original trailers it was a stantler u get on his back but i seen u riding a bear. For this reason i really dont know about if i should get the game.

  16. I've been playing this game since last week…(Shh) very repetitive. They eliminate the classic puzzles, league, victory road, and turn it into just a farm of collecting mats for crafting throwing pokeballs and pokemon fights… was cool for the first 5 ranks but gets boring doing the same thing over and over

  17. It looks like shit. Bland looking. But least it's a open world pokemon game

  18. I found a shiny starly early on. I threw a ball and it broke out. Then I threw a Pokemon out to try to battle it and capture it but it ran away 😭

  19. OMG HOLD EVERYTHING!! A move pool? Like, they don’t forget moves permanently?? That’s… so huge to me! Pokémon forgetting moves in the games was something I always laughed about. It’s like a human forgetting how to drive because they learned how to draw. XD

  20. I like all the pokemon meme used in this video 😄

  21. I don't like how he emphasised on pronouncing Arceus incorrectly

  22. I have both nex gen consoles and a 3090 in my PC with all the new games avalible and this game is getting most of my attention right now… im 32 years old. this is the game i wished for as a kid playing pokemon yellow on gameboy color.

    i may actually buy a physical switch for this game instead of emulating it. if they made this the norm for pokemon games going forward i 100% will buy a switch.

  23. 2005 graphics and 2003 world design. Massive disappointment

  24. In the original formula, I was on a journey and along the way I got attacked by Pokemon and was defending myself.

    The new formula just looks like you're running around slaughtering everything in sight.

  25. It doesnt tell you the game is a time machine and the graphics will transport you back to 2005…

  26. The pokemon DONT follow you around. They just stand still. Not sure how you manage to make them follow?

  27. I think you've made a mistake, you can actually get both origin forms for dialga and palkia

  28. All you expected from Pokemon in 2008 with Android graphics engine

  29. Nintendo doing an open world game: Zelda: breath of the wild

    Also Nintendo doing an open world game on the same system 3 years later: Pokémon arceus

    (I know, gamefreak made the game, go away)

  30. The mysterious wisp girl is named Vessa, which means toilet in finnish.


  31. this game is just as much of an open world as pokemon red and blue

  32. I don't understand the last part. You're saying we get origin forms of the pokemon wi didn't choose to fight or or chose to fight ?

  33. I legit hate this game. I hate professor laventon. His stupid hat an brown noser facial hair. I hate all the dialog I hate the crappy graphics.

    This is legit a shitty game.

  34. I went into a time space rift and there was a alpha yanmega and right on the outside was a alpha vespiquen, alphas are a bit tough but after a while they get easy to catch, Ive just reached the third area and I have caught 18 so far

  35. Also for the wisps hunt them at night they shine alot brighter and are easier to see

  36. I read of the description of the game so I decided it wasn't for me.

  37. Move-swapping should've been a thing since Pokemon Gold.

  38. Oh my goodness, having a library of moves to swap in is a total game changer! No more worries for those of us who are indecisive! Honestly, I've not been more excited about Pokémon than I have been for HGSS and Pokémon Go when I found a group to raid with!

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