What are the Different Types of Mobile Apps?

What are the Different Types of Mobile Apps?

Apps have become a part of our everyday life. We have apps that tell us the best way to get downtown, RSVP for a spin class, create a favorite playlist, retouch photos, pay for our lunch, check flight info, games with friends and the list goes on and on. Our mobile world is filled with apps!

There are three types of mobile apps:

Native Apps

Developed for a single mobile operating system exclusively—apps that are “native” for a particular platform or device. The biggest advantage of native apps is their high performance and the best user experience. Native apps cost more than other types of apps because they need to be duplicated to fit other platforms and create separate support and maintenance for different types of apps.

Mobile Web Apps

Now, most websites are mobile-optimized, but now websites can go one step further and behave more like a native app. These use a web browser to run by redirecting a user to a URL and installation is optional. Because mobile web apps run within the browser, which is a native app and has access to native OS APIs, but it only exposes some of them to the web apps that run inside it. Although access to these API’s changes as HTML evolves to allow more access. Most mobile web apps need to be online to work and the user experience is only as good as the browser and network connection.

Hybrid Apps

Combines both native and mobile web elements…a hybrid! These are built using multi-platform web technologies as the base but it acts more like native apps and has full access to OS APIs. Hybrid multi-platform apps are fast, easier to develop than native apps and provide an efficient way to maintain and update the content offered in the app.  Hybrid apps work on multiple platforms but they don’t look exactly the same way on two or more platforms like native apps can do.

What’s Trending?

Trends report users spend up to 86% of their mobile time using native or hybrid apps. Now businesses and organizations, who never thought they needed an app or how to even go about getting one are now testing the waters. At Browne & Brand we are creating breakthrough apps for businesses to expand their reach, make connections and share their mission only mobile can bring.