What’s Your Story

What’s Your Story

Sharing brand storytelling in an authentic way helps companies connect and engage with employees at many levels.

By Marta Chmielowicz

Storytelling is an ancient and universal human trait. From visual stories told through cave drawings and ancient hieroglyphs to epic poems communicated to the masses, stories have been central to how humans connect, learn, and make sense of the world. Even with the advent of printing, and later, technology, the common themes and narratives found in good stories remain constant.

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Organizations that are able to develop a unique and authentic voice that connects with their audience will be rewarded with higher engagement and loyalty to their brand. Browne & Brand’s Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Talbot says, “If the story is compelling, it not only gets attention but will get people excited to be part of your company. We all want to feel part of something with likeminded people who are either working toward the same goal or are compelled to support the mission a company or brand is putting forth. This affects employee engagement because the brand story becomes their story, and they will want to do good by it and spread the word.”