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In this video I am giving you Insights in game and I try to give as much tips as possible to help you improve in SoloQ.
I hope you enjoy this video!

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  1. I'm 7 months late but I really like this format and find it helpful to improve my own gameplay

  2. We love if pro players like u give us tips for Pokemon

  3. i love hearing more about strategy and how you calculate value. awesome video!

  4. Great guide Ghatlue keep this SoloQ guides up! I guess it's much more better if you can show us your thought process in games where things are definitely hard and how to comeback from them!

  5. Bro bless you ❤
    Btw can you explain Zoroark

  6. Oyasumi Macro Kappa, we need gameplays as well ❤ Regions United again please 👀

  7. Lane greninja, crisheroes stood against such immorality all his life and in the end it was his own ally who betrayed his faith. But he is such a jungle grabber that he goes jungle even on comfey. But don't endorse lane greninja, my unite teammates are highly inspired by your videos, This inspiration is too much to take for my exp. share heart which breaks right at near 7.20 when my tier 1 would be broken due to weak lane. Please Leave this path of sin and beleive in the mercy of Arceus.

  8. well dude,in soloq, i feel stealing ardinos is like high risk high gain ,cause most of the times either you r dead and enemy gets your ardinos and sometimes your lane partner doen=sn't shows up and steals all the exp.
    ps: loved the gameplay man

  9. this basic atk type mon is kinda cheating on stable 60 fps

  10. Eid Mubarak ghatlue. Hope your having a good eid

  11. Why no 6brown 6 white emblems? Its feels better though

  12. My suggestion is u should use 6brown 6white with a Gold crit Emblem or Silver one for 0.5 to 0.6 crit rate thats enough I guess, correct me if i m wrong

  13. Yo Ghat, just continue this video style, its more informative! Many people need to learn!

    Eid mubarak brother!

  14. It's really great to see the frequent Uploads! Keep it up

  15. I like both kinds of videos! How to play a character very well and game play flow.

  16. This format is way better than a normal gameplay! I loved it, thank you

  17. I would love more videos like this, it really helps put the game in perspective and shows how to follow the macro of the game.

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