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Ranking EVERY Ninja Gaiden Game WORST To BEST (Top 11 NG Games)

Totally Tubular Jonathan
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So here we are with another ranking video, this time on the Ninja Gaiden series of games. We look at the new and old games featuring Ryu Hayabusa and yes they are all very very hard games.

I want to give some thanks for this video:
I want to thank Koei Tecmo and Master for providing me with the Ninja Gaiden master collection which is out now!
A thanks to all the people who provided footage for some of these games:
Heroes of Xanadu
Bippo Ernesti

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  1. Such a shame how I absolutely love how ninja Gaiden games are especially on part two and it was great and it was definitely challenging especially this one boss that I can’t remember since it was such a long time around the 360 prime years but I could not beat the boss for nothing I even took a break and came back a couple times and just could not beat it and so I just had no choice but to move on but it was so disappointing so I’m going to take a crack at it again now that I’m older and have more experience so hopefully I can pass it this time around and complete the game😁

  2. Well, i heard allot of Devil may cry, but what about Metal gear rising, balls to the wall sword slashing gameplay, it can't be crazier and more satisfing than that, can it?

  3. WORST

    Ninja Gaiden 3 original (lacking features from predecessors)


    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (the complete version. It has everything… boss health bars, collectibles, upgrade system)

  4. Hello man, i was searching a ninja Gaiden game to play on xbox 360. Do you think that i should go directly to Ninja Gaiden 2? Also it looks really cool

  5. Ninja gaiden needs the devil may cry 5 treatment

  6. Great video!
    I read about these games in Game Informer as a kid, now I’m in my twenties & will but the Master Collection and finally be able to play them!

  7. Ninja Gaiden Master System and Game Gear aren't even remotely the same game…

  8. Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360 my all time favourite.

  9. Ninja gaiden black, then ninja gaiden 2 the 360 one on series x. The rest are crap

  10. o.k. you mention something wrong at 06:43 you said that a fixed camera is bad which is false and also the camera looks amazing and does not show any of the problems you mention, so based on the gameplay shown how should I believe you on 23:12 you perfectly show your point for example, Razor's edge I do not know, I play that game so often, awesome fast combat, the bosses are the best part, have you tried the variety of the Ninja trials? they are fantastic, you have a ton of weapons, Scythe, Claws, Sword, Double Sword, Lunar Staff, Kusarigama, and you have a Wakizashi with Kasumi, Kodachis with Ayane and a Naginata with Momiji, how is that few weapons? it has more than any other game for what I can see, 4 characters, effing Sekiro has a simple sword, I do not know what you say about 2 is everything on Razor's edge and even has steel and bone throws for each character, stealth kill, everything on the previous games including bosses and scenarios are over there, did people really played that game?

  11. Hands down the original Ninja Gaiden arcade (Shadow Warriors) is the best game out of the series.

  12. I agree with ninja gaiden 2 sigma as good as it is it have us waaaay too much from the very beginning you literally had just about every combo including izuna drop guillotine throw obliteration techniques counter ultimate and 3 ninpo on the first chapter things you didn’t have till at least chapter 5 of the first Nina gaiden

  13. Nice list! All tho honestly despite the Toned down Gore I think Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is the best in the series haha i beat the original 2 and I felt it was a bit… Too bullshit? Especially coming off of Sigma 1 and It's black version idk 2 OG was a bit of a hair puller. Sigma 2 feels perfect on a gameplay level and I REALLY enjoy playing as the Babes in these games, I feel Sigma 2s tag missions even with AI partner is the best side content Mission stuff Out of the 3 games in master collection as well.
    Razors Edge is actually my 2nd fav Ninja Gaiden Games tbh, never played the original 3 and don't plan to XD but I feel like the Female characters are the most fleshed out in Razors edge And Fact you can play them on ALL story missions Just adds a ton of replayability for people like me who doesn't exclusively play as Ryu, plus it has that Gore factor that Sigma 2 lacks but unfortunately I feel Like the overuse of Human enemies and rocket launcher enemies brings it down quite a bit, But It has Kasumi so I love it lol..
    NGB/Sigma 1 is phenomenal but I feel it is quite dated and that brings it down for me (damn camera angles) plus some stuff in it was to BS like the Spider ninja Explosive shuriken spam in 1 was the WORST, also I feel like 1 had some really crappy bosses I hate those damn Worm Bosses the most when your underground and Rachel While I enjoy playing her on harder difficulties in 1 her segments are nightmarish, In Sigma 2 and Razors edge The Females are actually really fun to use and Play well in all the difficulties but Rachel in 1 I feel like Anything after Warrior Felt like the game just shits all over her slow style to much.

  14. I completely forgot that Dragon Sword existed. I used to own it on DS, and I remember really liking the touch controls for it. But despite me forgetting about it, it stood out as one of the best games to me on the DS because of the touch controls. I can see how it might feel weird on an emulator, but somehow when you play it on an actual DS, it feels so much better, it's crazy. I couldn't put it down until I completely finished it. Thumbs up

  15. Awesome video! I really enjoyed it & I love ninja Gaiden 😍

  16. I remember being super young playing ninja gaiden black and thinking it was one of the best looking games.

  17. I find it funny when somebody says a Ninja gaiden game is easy or that they blew through it. you know that they played on hero which is easy in Ninja gaiden if you find it easy turn up the difficulty… Ninja gaiden was the original dark souls🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍. I like the first one that was on Xbox back in the day fighting old school enemies was cool I don't like fighting guys with guns and rocket launchers and stuff when I'm a ninja.

  18. NG1 on Xbox was and in my opinion still is, super overrated. It doesn’t tell you anything, the game is so damn obscure

  19. Simga 2 would fall near the bottom for me, not even in the same league as OG NG2. Sigma 1 is fine, just not quite as good as Black.

  20. I did not play the retro one but this my top
    1 NG2
    2 NG Black
    the following for me are bad but still
    3 NG3RE
    4 NGS
    5 NGS2

  21. in ng 1 3d fuck chapter 3 boss hes just annoying for me

  22. I can see why someone would prefer Ninja Gaiden Black / Vanilla Ninja Gaiden as their favorite of the series. It's the most balanced of the series with great combat and story.

    NG2 is my favorite. The story doesn't makes sense and it really didn't need to imo. The game is pure insanity. If I had to describe it in one word it would be: RIDICULOUSNESS.

    There still hasn't been an action game that's been released that has fully surpassed the combat of the original NG2. DMC5 can be argued as a better game, overall I think it is, but NG2 makes you clench your buttcheecks so much harder.

  23. I'd put NG2 and NGB on no. 1 but only because NGB is already a remaster and NG2 is not.. NG2 is meant for more aggressive play. You are encouraged to be on offense constantly, while dodging incoming attacks. The existence of mid-combo i-frames (like in Tonfa and Talons more obviously) gives this idea.

  24. The way you kept switching between Gaiden and Gay-den was murdering my ears 🤣

  25. I would rather recommend NG2. NG Black is great but too much backtracking and chaining UTs in NG2 is just incredible. Great feeling. NG Sigma 2 is not that great compared to NG2. Shame that they lost the data for the original NG2. I am playing the Master Collection right now and already finished 1 & 3 (100%) but I am missing the gore part in NG Sigma 2. All of them are difficult. Mission Mode in NG2 or the Ultimate Trials in NG3 are insane. Took me a while on XBOX360. Ninja Gaiden 2 all the way.

  26. You might have enjoyed the JPN NG3 on the nes. The US version had its difficulty ‘tweaked’ when it was bought over.

  27. I've been a fangirl of Ninja Gaiden during all my life and I agree with most of your comments… everything of Yaiba was horrible, but the music is damn awesome!

    but tbh, what I think in the case of Razor's Edge is… yes, there's less weapons but the combat for each one of them is way more expanded than the previous 2 games since there are more combos and fundamentals to actually main one of them (almost like a fighting game adapted into a H&S), that also includes Ayane, Momiji and Kasumi combats which are also more expanded too… less weapon, but more combat!

    As for the enemy variation, yes, there is less enemies during the adventure, but keep in mind that it's because the kind of story that involves the game… in this game the story tries to talk more about the human side of Ryu Hayabusa, you can see him feeling all kind of emotions during the story and not being just a slaughterman who slashes everything for no reason… so, with a more human Ryu, comes more human enemies to force Ryu to feel guilty for them (imagine it as Metal Gear Rising when Monsoon and Sam forces to Raiden to feel guilty for all the people he killed, in that part of the game there's more human enemies than machines)… for Ryu, even one of the villain forces him to feel guilty with the curse of all the people he killed during is life as a ninja… that's why the final boss was the closest person to Ryu (Kana), not close like the rest of his clan which are all allies, but in a protective way almost like a father to a daughter, so, forcing him to fight that person was more like a personal fight, than saving the world.

    I think Razor's Edge is a great game which takes a different style from the previous 2 games… I mean sure, normal Ninja Gaiden 3 was horrible since it's too easy, it's censored, and there was more unecessary cinematics that adds nothing to the story… Razor's Edge fixes all of that and adds the difficulty that the game needed… tbh, I think it's pretty underrated…

  28. I'm TOTALLY agree. Best console on playing them is Xbox (the original Black and II are imprinted with Itagaki-sensei soul) but the Sigma versions are VERY good too.
    Ninja Gaiden Black is my favourite game ever (Half Life 2 is almost at the same level but ok).

  29. My first ninja gaiden game is ninja gaiden 2 on the 360 and that was hard

  30. I’d still say Ninja Gaiden 2 is still overall the most loved and the best gameplay wise and entertainment wise

  31. NG 2 took part 1 and dial up the gore. The remastered full gore version on Xbox One X should be at a special spot in this ranking. This is because during X360's time, the game's dismemberment system was too demanding on the hardware and there's huge drops in FPS during heavy fight scenes. Tomonobu Itagaki-san knew this but will not bow down to limiting the content, hence the x360 version is what it is today, with frustrating graphics lag during heavy battles. The PS3 version came in after Itagaki-san left, and much of the charm of the game was lost in order to increase the FPS, so no more gore and bodies disappear. The remastered xbox version now unleash the entire game at a smooth 60 fps and huge battles can be fully enjoyed with no graphics lag. It finally came to a full circle realising Itagaki's vision for this game with today's modern hardware.

  32. When I first played NG2 when it came out I was immediately struck by how much of a mess it was. It still retained the core NG gameplay but everything around that was a disaster.

  33. Harsh comments on the Master System version! I'd rate that one much higher.

  34. ninja gaiden on game gear and master system are completely different games

  35. Yaiba is many bad things, but ugly isn't one of them

  36. Ninja gaiden black
    Ninja gaiden razor edge
    Ninja gaiden sigma
    Ninja gaiden 3
    Ninja gaiden 2
    Ninja gaiden sigma plus
    Ninja gaiden 2 sigma
    This is my list
    Having played and beaten them recently
    My perception for these games drastically changed
    Before playing them I would have said NG2 is the best NG game ever
    But playing it
    It wasn’t that good game
    Black has a major camera issues
    Sigma is really easy
    Razor edge has the best fighting system but its just a refined version of a shallow game
    Sigma 2 is just a stupid game
    Don’t mind it at all
    So for me, they are all flawed in their ways but entertaining if you are ok with dying a lot
    Or that’s just me
    I dunno 😊

  37. I still dont know why people praise black over 2. 2 improved absolutely every aspect of the original game.

  38. I really enjoyed watching this video and totally agree. I am very new to he ninja gaiden series but see how amazing it truly is. I got about a fifth of the way through the original nes ninja gaiden and loved it so I've started the master collection and just beat chapter 3 on ninja gaiden sigma. It is amazing and I've only played a little bit of it.

  39. Needs yet another reboot, especially now in the post-Niho era

  40. NES versions better than Master System version ? That's the best joke of my week, you just miss a great game on SMS.

  41. Not sure I agree with how you group these. NG on MS is NOT close to being the same as the GG version. Also the Sigma games don’t play like the Itagaki masterpieces

  42. putting 2 and Sigma 2 on the same level… Aouch…

  43. Forced walking sections are WAY older than The Last of Us. The earliest game I remember them being in is Gears of War. At least Last of Us still lets you move around fairly quickly and look for hidden goodies in the level during its narrative bits. But yeah, they have absolutely no place in a Ninja Gaiden game. Give me cutscenes or give me gameplay, motherfuckers.

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