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Rating Ninja Gaiden Games

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Ranking one of the best video game franchises ever!

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  1. Dragon sword was 4k for the ds and was god dam amazing

  2. I just got a charger for my old dsi and I’ve been running up dragon sword, shi is truly one of the greatest animated games

  3. This, this is a video I whole heartedly agree with.

  4. Whats the difference between NINJA GAIDEN, NINJA GAIDEN BLACK, NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA ?

  5. Expected to see the standard sigma hate, but was pleasantly surprised.

  6. I personally loved Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z. I don't understand why people hate it. I personally love it.

  7. The whole master collection is a huuuuuuuuuuge W .Gigachad ninja

  8. i hated ng3:re on the master collection im sorry

  9. Me who just bought the master collection and kinda feels left out

  10. I mean 3 had things razors edge didnt so its good in its own way they even removed art of the pure inferno removed more than half the weapons from 2

  11. Ninja gaiden 2 & 3 nes versions deserve their own place the snes trilogy is an abomination with its gameplay compared to the original

  12. wdym Ninja Gaiden 3 isn't that bad, it would be "I mean it's aight"

  13. Master Collection is a piece of shit 💩

  14. "It's alright" for the excellent NES games? Gtfoh. It's the main reason Ninja Gaiden was ever popular. The 3D games are ok, but not as bada$$ as the originals.

  15. Sigma 2 is a lot more fair in challenge compared too the OG NG2 and they cut some of the terrible boring ass boss fights like the TUNNEL WORM in the Jungle Stage…if I play the second game it has too be Sigma 2 for me

  16. true af. All games are good but not yaiba and original ng3

  17. The nes games can be used as an actual ninja training.

  18. Ninja gaiden Z could’ve been made so much better. The only thing that was good was the trailer with the rap song in it and the intro where it showed kamikaze Yaiba being cut in half by Ryu.

  19. Classic Ninja Gaiden 1, 2, 3 are the best

  20. Wait…you’re calling the NES trilogy just alright??

    3 I get. But one and two?! Fuck no.

  21. it has been a decade and I will still die on the hill of Razor's Edge is the single best entry in the series. "Glow up" could never do justice to the difference between it and 3 vanilla

  22. Ninja gaiden Z was fucking fuuuuuuun plus the soundtrack is epic ninja gaiden 3 has its moments

  23. Say what you will but razors edges animations were the coolest thing ever

  24. Yaiba Z was pretty good, it's the only ninja gaiden game where I can launch rockets at people so I love it.

  25. I disregard Sigma 1, Sigma 2 and OG NG3. I don't mind Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z for what it is.

  26. I love how 3 was straight garbage so they had to make razors edge to make it atleast enjoyable again

  27. l play ninja gaiden two on PS3 over like 6 years ago . my young brother can't even finish first mission nostalgia 😂.

  28. Ninja Gaiden Black was the best in terms of overall quality and fun. IMO, of course. Sigma was pretty good, NG2 was a mess, but it was still better than that gay ass Sigma 2. NG3/Razor’s Edge I did not enjoy at all. Sorry. Itagaki made the modern NG games worthwhile.

  29. Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360 is absolutely underrated!

  30. Ion care what people think of Yaiba, it's one of my favourite

  31. Sigma and Sigma 2 are mostly trash and overhyped, save for a few quality of life improvements and added playable characters.

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