Red Ninja: End of Honor PS2 Gameplay HD (PCSX2) -

Red Ninja: End of Honor PS2 Gameplay HD (PCSX2)

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Red Ninja End of Honor PS2 Gameplay
Release Date: March 3, 2005 (JP); March 30, 2005 (NA)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox
PCSX2 Settings:
Renderer: OpenGL (Hardware)
Interlacing (F5): Auto
Texture Filtering: Bilinear (PS2)
Internal Resolution: 8x Native
Anisotropic Filtering: 16x
Mipmapping: Basic (Fast)
CRC Hack Level: Automatic (Default)
(✓) Enable HW Hacks:
(✓) Half-pixel Offset: Special (Texture – aggresive)
My PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K
GPU: GeForce GTX 1070
Ram: 16GB
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
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  1. 13:50 I feel so bad when they think they are going to get laid but get their throats shanked instead 😂😂😂

  2. Just bought this😍. I'm collecting all of my favorite games that i gave away (sold for WAY too cheap) or wasn't old enough to have at the time.
    Bummer cause i could have bought Haunting grounds or games alike for ALOT cheaper! I finally have it now and it's my dream game!!!

    Red Ninja i loved, but it was a rental and would freeze after the first boss fight. I gave up after the 14th try. Lmao.

  3. Ps2/gamecube
    Onimusha 2
    Red Ninja
    Soul Calibur 2
    Clock Tower 3
    Haunting grounds

    I just REALLY Love all of these games. I adore ps2! And of course Nintendo. XD

  4. This game was an astonishing experience back in those days lol

  5. This game would have been amazing if the camera wasn't so bad. It is so stiff.

  6. Could you tell me where can i get this game??

  7. going rate is like $60 on ebay, I really want to get my hands on this game, I'm attracted to big boobie anime stuff

  8. 24:10 Is that… that sounds very much like Invader Zim's voice actor

  9. i literally just remembered this game existed.. i have a copy in storage, which im so excited to bring out again!

  10. I remember this game when I was small , idk why the reviews are so bad this was greatness for it's time

  11. On hard this boss is pure cancer. Can't hit him with melee (instant counters knocking me down) and keeps spamming clones after his hp is half all time and 1 mistake is gg since gang on you while you stunned or kd.

  12. for a moment I thought it was tenchu😅

  13. PS2 had so many Ninja Games.
    …i wouldn't complain to get some now. : /

  14. Bring back Tenchu they say? I say bring back Red Ninja 😅

  15. Playing this game with one hand is really hard. How I miss the old times.

  16. Some mechanics of Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice maybe were inspired from this videogame

  17. Amo esse jogo, joguei muito, vou compra e relembrar os velhos tempos.

  18. So you play 10 minutes of it and that is the entire thing, just run around stabbing people from behind.

  19. Man, i was stuck in snake lady boss.
    Because i dont know that i can target her head and legs with wire.

  20. This looks like a masterpiece. I wonder why its never mentioned

  21. Its a pity that this games controls are really unpolished cause there is the bones of a great game here with its premise, soundtrack and gameplay mechanics being actually pretty cool. If the developers were able to make the controls better then maybe the reviews for this game would have been much higher. A shame cause this game could have been a great competitor to Tenchu if the developers got the controls right. Still the game does deserve merits on what its done well as it is visually really nice for a PS2 game. As unlikely as this might be likely to happen, I hope in future Red Ninja will get another chance on modern platforms with all the underlying issues fixed.

  22. It is a cheap copy of an earlier game named Tenchu Kurenai (Fatal Shadows) that was way impressive and even visually better.

  23. I've been searching for this game because I played it on my older cousins console. This was some nice nostalgia

  24. Tenchu Fatal Shadows, this reminds me of Tenchu. Seems like a cool game.

  25. Wow this looks almost like dead or alive. The graphics aren’t bad at all for ps2!!! I might get this…

  26. People literally throw up bloody diarrhea loads when you slit their throats…. Cool

  27. Wow I used to have this game and I don't remember the graphics being this decent

  28. Never heard of this game until I saw it for sale in a Facebook sale. It looks awesome. Reminds me of the first Tenchu for ps1 a little.

  29. I actually had a ton of fun with this game. I almost beat it but the last boss had a game breaking bug where you couldn't hook onto her properly to finish off the rest of her health.

  30. The stealth mechanics are fine, the kills are satisfying, and the main character was cute. The outfit of said character though, is goddamn stressful. I have to sneak in game AND in real life from my mom sitting like 2 meters away from me playing this lewd ass game back in the day. I really want to play it again now.

  31. I loved shinobido ps2 and searching for games like this

  32. He gave you sword in the next scene you dont have it (((( Fuuuuuuck !

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