Regular Show: ESCAPE FROM NINJA DOJO - Level 1-10 (Cartoon Network Games) -

Regular Show: ESCAPE FROM NINJA DOJO – Level 1-10 (Cartoon Network Games)

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Regular Show: ESCAPE FROM NINJA DOJO – Level 1-10


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  1. Found a website that has the game archived, but it runs very laggy even with a 3060, brings me back to a different era, used to play this game on my grannys pc with my bro and it ran better on that XD
    I loved the 2014-2016 era, I'd give anything to go back to that time.

  2. I used to play this game when i was a kid. It brings back a lot of memories. The background music is also great.

  3. Hhweee… This… Game… It's bad as I remember, cool, I love my life.

  4. Remember when I first played this game I asked myself “this feels familiar”.

  5. I remember playing yhis a long time ago with my couwin snd this brings me back memories play this game 😕🙁

  6. for some reason that second level always reminded me of riding the train in the wooded areas of… russia? listen i really have no clue why but every single time i remember playing this game it reminds me of being on a train riding through russia to get to my grandma's town every summer since i was born

  7. I remember playing this a long time ago this brings me back bro 🙁

  8. This is basically Sticky Ninja Academy but Regular Show version of it

  9. I remember old me on the old website playing this old game on my old computer man such amazing times

  10. Yo I fucking remember the orignal game and this one too

  11. no one gonna talk about how this was basiclly a rip off of sticky ninja? lol

  12. Back in first grade when I got hand foot mouth disease playing this game was the only thing I could do for two weeks straight.

  13. It’s hilarious that the moral of this games story is to not buy cheap knockoff games, though though the game itself is a shameless copy and paste of sticky ninja academy.

  14. Who else finds the exit open noise extremely satisfying?

  15. Oh fuck I just remembered this shit like today

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