Save your Quarters... or Not!: Caveman Ninja (Arcade) Stage 1 or Joe & Mac (SNES) 1st Stage -

Save your Quarters… or Not!: Caveman Ninja (Arcade) Stage 1 or Joe & Mac (SNES) 1st Stage

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Should you save your quarters on this game and play it at home or should you play it at the Arcade? The choice is yours, but you will probably save your quarters either way since Arcades are dying and nearly all good old Arcade cabinets won’t be found at the next intersection. Now, Caveman Ninja, also known as Joe & Mac, was ported to many systems like the SNES, the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, the Game Boy, the PC, but here we compare the Arcade to the SNES version. We can see that the SNES version is not a completely accurate reproduction of the original, but a kind of expansion, since it features longer stages, bonus stages and an overworld map. I can interpret this as a way to make this game more adapted to console gaming since playing at home without spending money each time you’re game over gives you more time to play, while Arcade games need to be quick for obvious reasons. The level design in the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version is closer to the original, while lacking a little bit in sounds and graphics quality, just like the PC version. The 8-bit versions are really downgraded as can be expected. If you’re searching for a more Arcade-like experience of the game, take the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version or the PC version although that might be complicated. If you want to play those longer stages, then go for the SNES version. You might even want the Arcade version if you’re a purist.

Note: The sound is a little bit out of sync in the first part (Arcade version). That’s my bad, sorry!


  1. Hello is there a way to save it I got this for the kids but they keek having to play all again when they die.

  2. ohhhh this was my first game ever i played it in my childhood im talking of the first game can you pass me the game please i beg you , by the way the quality and sound are lovely thanks for subbing it

  3. Thanks for the comment. I can't pass you the game, but it can probably be found on eBay. The first one is the Arcade version, so you'd need something like the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive version which looks similar and might be the version you played. If this solution doesn't work or if you don't have the necessary console, you could try emulation which will give you the game to play on your computer for free, but it's not entirely legal.

  4. It's true, older games were better in my opinion too. I don't mean that nothing bad came out on classic consoles, but it's way harder to find an entertaining game on today's systems. Old school classics had this kind of charm, games were nothing more than games and as such, they were made to entertain in a simple but so more effective way than most games out today.

  5. You'll see, even with the expanded levels, it's not a really long game, but you should not regret it since it's fun (and there's a 2 player mode). I'm always happy to know that some people, especially if you're 13, can still appreciate classic games. The current games are not all bad and some of them are pretty good, but some really really good stuff was also made in the past that must not be forgotten.

  6. I don't know if the laws about emulation are severe in the United States. Where I live, Canada, I haven't heard of someone getting arrested for that, so I don't know. But like you, I don't think the government will break into your house because you emulated some old console that's not sold anymore. The people that are more at risk are probably those running the websites where you can get the ROMs.

  7. It is actually illegal no matter but really…who gives a crap. They don't sell these games anymore but yet they piss and moan about a little rom

  8. I look at it like this; You can either spend thousands of dollars and man hours tracking down all the old games and play them on a console that's approaching 20 years old or a clone console which is crap or…you can go to a torrent site and download every Snes, NES, Genesis game ever made for free instead of fattening the pockets of people who aren't even the copyright holders of these games. Nintendo no longer supports these games but yet they want to scream about people playing a rom image.

  9. Continued…And really what's the difference to them whether you buy a used cartridge for which they are making no profit or download a rom for which they are still making nothing on. They made their money on these games years ago. If you read the legalities on their website it plainly says that even owning a "backup" of a game is not permitted and also, they do not offer these games for sell in their original cartridge format…so, what's left to do if really want to play the game?

  10. Dog gone the arcade version has a lot of enemies. I liked the SNES version when I rented it because it wasn't too terribly difficult to progress. I don't think I was able to beat the game though.

  11. They removed the fat cave-woman in the SNES version?

  12. The SNES version is modified from the Arcade with the longer Levels, but as far as I can remember they removed the ugly cave woman at the end.

  13. Arcade machines used to be more powerful than home consoles for quite a long time. In this case, the arcade game seems to have more detail and maybe more vivid colors.

    …They can keep the fat one though…

  15. Unless it was like The Flintstones with humans and dinosaurs living along. The hard step is managing to convince them somehow… OK, we're dead.

  16. one good thing on the SNES port is that it doesn't use the Wonder Boy/Adventure Island HP system.

  17. This brings back SO MANY memories of me and my brother a LONG time ago (maybe back to even my days as a "cute little powerpuff boy"), and it was in the lobby of some dentist that my mom used to visit. This game KICKED SO MUCH ASS!

  18. theres no way this event could happen back then, hot sauce wasnt even invented yet

  19. @KierLightraven Also dinosaurs died long before any human could invent hot sauce or anything for that matter.

  20. @MrAndregolf4 I'm not familiar with the DOS version, but I don't think they added a save feature. This is a game you have to beat in one sitting (it's not a long game either).

  21. @caxtilteca I'm almost certain you mean Toki.

  22. No, I'm not aware of any version of the game being available on Virtual Console.

  23. Me and my sis played this game when we were kids. Couldnt beat this game to save our azz. Now I'am one of the best gamers in the world

  24. Trex with big fucking eye sucks i agree caveman ninja is cool

  25. Ghouls and Ghosts reskined from the looks of it.

  26. I can strangely see why you'd say that, but both games feel quite different, believe me.

  27. Can anyone help me? I am looking for a game LIKE this but it just ONE Caveman. He has to push rocks every once and a while to get where he's going? Like if it up high? And he says: "Unga-bunga! A lot! Sorry if I missed spelled some words! And it is Made my SEGA but IDK if it is for a SEGA. I would just like the name please and thanks!

  28. why is there so many dislikes on this video, this game is a classic

  29. I mostly played on a SNES. Even with two players, I never did beat it though. The arcade had a lot of neat little touches, like getting set on fire and stuff, but the SNES did a pretty good job of replicating the overall look of the game.

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