Saving Best Friend -

Saving Best Friend

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We snuck into Amanda’s house again to save Maddie’s best friend. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created “My Daughter Adopts a Twin Sister.” Next Matt Slays posted “Saying Goodbye *emotional*.” The Game Master Network made “Extreme Remove a Layer of Clothing *SUS*.” Are we even safe? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2022.

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  1. Amada said are you ready for program zz don,t tell eny one she said

  2. Amanda told Zadie ,,Are you ready for project zz

  3. Amanda said so are you ready for program z z

  4. Becca Amanda said to zadie like Is she ready for a program. I think Amanda is going to put zadie in a program!

  5. Amanda said to zadie wen rebecca went to the toilet she said are you redy for program zz amanda is soooooo sus do not trust amanda ok belive me love you rebecca ❤

  6. i think there trackers in rebeccas shoes

  7. Last time you guys snuck into Amanda's house mat found something that said recipe for controll cookies but he probably doesn't remember because he ate one

  8. Amnda asked u if zadie is free pn 3first march because she wants to put her in a program take care of zadie 😢❤

  9. It was so fonny Wen 😂 Mat Eate de spase fod 🌶️🌶️

  10. Hey the shoes Amanda bought for you can be a gps tracker

  11. Hi game master is any body having this problem where the app you go to via and you can't hear any videos


  13. I think you should try the recipe that Matt found in Amanda kitchen

  14. Yes y’all always save people ❤😊🎉

  15. When you left to the restroom Amanda said are you ready for program ZZ to zadie.

  16. Amendable ses so are you ready for program ZZ

  17. Amanda is so sus there is something about "project zz"

  18. I have a felling that Amanda is a bit sus to make you where the shoes she wanted you try them so bad

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