Sekiro Shadows Die Twice PS5 4K HDR 60fps - Gameplay Playstation 5 -

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice PS5 4K HDR 60fps – Gameplay Playstation 5

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Wield your way to revenge in the critically acclaimed adventure from developer FromSoftware, creators of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series.

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you are the “one-armed wolf,” a dishonored and mutilated warrior who could barely be saved from certain death. Explore late 16th century Sengoku Japan as you face off against supernatural enemies in a dark and twisted world. Use an arsenal of deadly prosthetics and ninja techniques, combining stealth, vertical movement and fierce hand-to-hand combat into a bloody whole.

Discover Sengoku Japan during the late 16th century, a brutal period where there is a constant battle between life and death. You come face to face with life-size enemies in a dark world. Unleash an arsenal of deadly weapons and powerful ninja abilities as you combine stealth, vertical gameplay, and instinctive head-to-head combat in a gory showdown.

Sword Combat – During the intense combat in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, players can use special Sword Arts in addition to the normal attacks. In this way the defense of the opponent can be settled, and then the final blow can be dealt.
Shinobi Prosthetic – Players can switch between a variety of unique Prosthetic Tools to find the weaknesses of daring bad guys.
Resurrection – Used as an opportunity for a tactical withdrawal or to deceive the opponent just before a counterattack – this new attack strategy allows players to instantly resurrect.


  1. This game reveals the true meaning of hardcore in video games. It's painfully hard to beat the bosses.

  2. Who is hear after they played elden ring!! I am…….

  3. حلو بس مافي ترجمة للعربي🤔🇸🇾

  4. จักรพรรดิ์น้อย says:

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  5. Does the PS5 automatically put the game in 60 fps when disc is inserted?

  6. This seem a good game, I kind of like the story, never played this one yet,

  7. Did they patch sekiro for ps5. I don’t recall seeing that update. How is this running in 4k 60fps

  8. Bom dia que Deus abençoe vocês todos aí amém aleluia aleluia aleluia aleluia aleluia

  9. I have to say it. Elden ring is harder to beat than sekiro.

  10. I beated the game one time then I fought the final boss again and he was very easy you just need to fight the boss 100 time to know all his moves and beat him

  11. My heart was racing with the intensity 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  12. Beating this game is almost as hard Really

  13. I broke my PlayStation after play this shit

  14. The hdr in this game is kinda wonky. The colors get a bit oversaturated.

  15. jaan n ubos lhat ng mga mamatai tao patie mamumugot uriginal nuon p ilan lng n buai n famillia s buong mundo kahit mga sundalo at pulis inubos ng ibang tao

  16. real life at nangyarie s lhat ng buhai
    patie s buong lungsod d n nag atubiling ubusin dahil puro sampang kaso malimali at cuntrol ng isip ng tao at iba ibang pag patai pati ibang palit palit para maka iwas lng walang sumama s ibang kung d nag sipag ibahan n lng eh s tutuusin mga tao n wala at mga yan magiging ganap lng n iba dahil s pag aaway away n iba

  17. Finally got a ps5 today had to work so all I did was update it and download some of my games. After playing elden ring. Think I will give this a try

  18. trying to justify getting this for ps5 but i already have the pc ver.. the grass in this isn't even responsive. what's the point of this on ps5 ?

  19. The hardest game I have ever played and beat

  20. One of the hardest game ever i played
    And already got platinum this on ps4

  21. I never dodge attack
    I parry them
    Thats a way of true samurai

  22. Did this actually get a PS5 4K 60ft s upgrade?

  23. Uno de los juegos mas hermosos y difícil que hay

  24. то что я хотел посмотреть. потрясающая игра и ахуеный игрок

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