Shadow Fight 2 || Ninja Sword vs TITAN Bodyguards 「iOS/Android Gameplay」 -

Shadow Fight 2 || Ninja Sword vs TITAN Bodyguards 「iOS/Android Gameplay」

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  1. I cant lie this guy is an legend at weapons

  2. How Perfect moves you have. I love all of your videos 👍Keep it up.

  3. I love shadow fight 3 and 2 I'm good in shadow fight 3 and Pro in shadow fight 2

  4. I jast start and 9 hure i compelet is a ezz geam

  5. the amount of 10 years old in the comment section
    anyway you are amazing

  6. Please tell me which hack you use 🙏

  7. You so pro come one that Titan eclipse mode perfect? Yes you the real king i like you

  8. It doesn't matter about weapon it matters on gameplay

  9. I always all time I get phone open shadow fight 2

  10. joking but how come the reading is perfect but not perfect

  11. Imagine shadow fight 2 added titan's weapon for shadow to use

  12. How you download that mode please let me I want to be like her
    and play shadow fight 2 🙏🙏🥺🥺

  13. What if our armour helm weapon ranged weapon and magic have frenzy enchantement and also have tempest rage . In raids if they all act in a same time then the damage will be 400 t0 600

  14. When u fought master u got hit and didn't get perfect

  15. I was beating titan 3 days and i bought composite sword and nothing i upgraded knukles from second lvl and i beated him 3 to 0 op
    you should try it

  16. I love Shadow Fight 2 but I'm in Secret Path (Hermit) ❤️👥😢

  17. Bro u dont believe it but i defeated titan with ronins dadao on perfect in 3rd round 😱you inspired me for all this😌

  18. so amazing , how can you beat titan perfect =-))))

  19. May is possible but antv games is impossible 💙💙❤

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