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  1. we could join together and ask for ninja to come back, especially for those of us who started after they gave it away 🙁

  2. they advertised ninja as exclusive champ for specific time period. they will never ever make him obtainable again

  3. No, Ninja shouldn't be a returnable lego. People who quit or started late that missed the freebie lego… is SOL. Because Ninja is tied to an individual in real life and would require some coin to bring him back.

  4. yes please i missed on him by a week

  5. It would be awesome. I am two months into the game, lost both Ninja and Aleksandr, i would love to have him through the one time fusion for new players.

  6. Ninja is a straight pipe hitter. Sure bring him back.

  7. i have Ninja on my main acc,enough said about him,monster of a champ,but on my alt acc i got Simple,and honestly he is hard carry for me,he is not amazing but much better than you guys telling people,he is just realy good progresion champ,can be debufer,can be in clanboss,in arena as realy good nuker,he is underated just bc people comparinh him with Ninja,and he is still better than half of legos in the game,for new players who got him he is great,and no i dont think they should bring him back,even tough i dont have him on my alt acc,they should just make another one with simularly powerfull kit

  8. No. He was meant as an exclusive champ and he should remain that.

  9. No. NInja should not come back. Same with other no longer available champions.

  10. How do get my account back after getting new phone

  11. He should be back in tourneys like this recent one like Krisk so people can at least battle it out for him.

  12. I can respect the fact that it was a limited time promotion. But the fact that he is an end game essentially must have dose seem a little unfair to those who just werent there

  13. People got him for free during the event, and now some people are saying we shouldn't be able to get him if we have to work (fuse) for him?

  14. I can’t BELIEVE there hasn’t been a 10x for empowerment champs. Visix, Nobel, roxam, nodjar…all the champs that empower one-offs

  15. Plarium are missing out on a golden opportunity here.. they should have a big shard pulling champion chase event twice a year , where for those limited times Ninja will be added into the mix of Legendary champions that can be summoned, then watch the shard buying frenzy happen.. it will be a huge financial boom for plarium and give everyone a chance twice a year to have the best Champion in the game

  16. I pulled my 3 ancients from gem and on second shard my game hangs for almost 10 sec so I thought maybe Lego but athel came then 😂😂😂 why game hangs so much nowadays

  17. Please bring back ninja I don't have him. Please plarium

  18. I have Ninja and i cant use him! this ridiculous face!!! Plarium have great art work but this one.. i cant look at him

  19. Imagine the money they’d make a guaranteed summoning event

  20. Ninja is absolutely awesome for a new player because he opens up pretty much every dungeon and clan boss which in turn opens a door for good gear and more shards! This gives players hope to reach further and we need more such champions. A good clan boss champion would be awesome and help people work through stuff if they aren't lucky enough to get an unkillable

  21. i played fortnite fan of him.. i played this game wow hes here?…but wtf i didnt get him

  22. They can easily give it to players who havent gotten him ever so players who already have him are uneffected.
    But do they want more people to easily grind through pve without spending money? That's the question.

  23. I have an idea. Palarium should rework the trash champion Noble, and give him ninjas kit, with a bit lower stats. That way anyone can sort of get him

  24. I started playing when Ninja was available, and made 3 recruit a friend accounts at same time got ninja and simple on all 4 accounts. I didn't know much about the game other than getting random youtube videos saying hes super op so I figured well I'll just login and get him in case I ever get into this game down the road.

    So yes, it definitely brought in new players.

  25. When Raids numbers drop, they will add Ninja to the pool….then..nerf his ass.

  26. i was on a break when they released ninja so i would love a come back to him. it would be interesting to give him to players that dont already have him.

  27. No . We need trust with plarium . How can we trust someone who says one thing to get more players then goes back on their word .

  28. Gems Stay Humble keep grinding your brother in the struggle

  29. they will bring new good free champion like ninja

  30. Why not just make it so the people who DID get him for free, get a ninja skin, and then make it so you can get him again. so there is a reward for people who did play in the past but also new players can get him again.

  31. No. New players need to get accustomed to get cheated and deceived by the game from the start

  32. put ninja as the first guarenteed chapion instead of Cleopterix pushing her to second that guarentees that people dont get 2 of them as they already have him they dont get him

  33. They just looking for stupid Offers and steal our money for Unlucky Shared Voids.
    When you start they give you 2 Useless Champions. The worst Epics Shaman you can did nothing with it.
    If you see a game like ( MLBB). it is fun and you can buy Champions buy Playing game and collect Coins to pay
    or But Buying Crystals from Market with Decent price. If we look to Raid, they are very expensive offers and
    sell you Nothing. for example you pay 30$ to get 2 Voids and when you open it most of time you get Trash Champions. that means you get nothing like you drop 30$ in street and watching people taking it. For real i don't feel i am happy with their offers not even give them 1 star for that. They must think with Right Marketing ways and how to make their Clients happy not on how they steal your money for nothing.

  34. Rather have daily log in rewards back then ninja !

  35. No. Limited champions are a great feature and should stay as such. They should, have a log in lego every 4 months or so. Rotate your limited champs so everyone has a chance to get a limited edition champion.

  36. Cold brew gaming, I didn't mean any offence on FB, I love ur channel. I use ur guides. It's from a FTP point of view, that we put in 100000% commitment to try win something.

  37. ill be surprised if we will ever see a login champ as strong as ninja again unless we see an equally big personality.. bet ninja had the clout to demand an op champ.. not into twitch or fortnight but know who ninja was ,, who is simple again?? doubt they will ever bring him back that ship has sailed

  38. S1mple definitely didn’t go well. I started playing just before s1mple ended and the overwhelming negative feedback from the player community in general about s1mple really made it a feel bad moment when i final received him on the final login day. He was helpful for my early arena team but everyone said don’t waste books on him and don’t 60 him. so he sits in my vault basically as a lvl 50 that helps me in fw and spirit keep.

  39. Ninja is the only reason I play on my mobile/low spender acct. Think I started it at the same time as my PC high spender acct but mobile is just so much more annoying that I stopped after a month of playing. Then a few months later ninja came out and I started playing on my phone again. I only play for like an hour or so a day but still it is better than nothing. Basically yea I think ninja should be available for any new account or for anyone who missed it.

  40. Just make Ninja hard to get don't make him impossible that is such a way to anger the player base…Not that I don't have two accounts WITH Ninja I DO and the value of those accounts has skyrocketed…I have a third Ninja and S1mpleless account that I'm still developing and it only has a miniscule fraction of the value due to when it was made…
    I had no idea at the time when I made the other two accounts…that I made them during a Golden Age that I am not sure will ever be recovered!

  41. I would lile to have one. I started to play 2 months ago and i've relized he's a very cool champ.

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