Silly Crocodile Hiding In Ninja Kidz Trampoline Park -

Silly Crocodile Hiding In Ninja Kidz Trampoline Park

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The Silly Crocodile is pretending to be Chell at the Ninja Kidz Trampoline Park! Kids, help us find the real Chell before he breaks everything! Want to watch more Silly Crocodile videos? Subscribe to our channel JustForKids!

The Silly Crocodile and his friends are the silliest crocodiles of them all. They love to play, tell funny stories and of course, eat lots of pickle ice cream. Legend says that The Silly Crocodile was once a lost wooden toy who was very loved by the narrator’s kids but as time went on, The Silly Crocodile became much more. He hopes to entertain and educate children around the world, encouraging them to keep telling stories and to open their imaginations.

This 3D animated cartoon series is made entirely in Unreal Engine 5 by Cory Williams at Daydream Studios. The story for this episode was told to him by his 4 year old son, Atlas. You can follow Cory and his family on their family vlogging channel, LiveEachDay.

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