Sneaky Jokes on April Fools Day with Ninja Kidz TV! (And Spying!) -

Sneaky Jokes on April Fools Day with Ninja Kidz TV! (And Spying!)

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Sneaky Jokes on April Fools Day! Ninja Kidz Team Up With The Fun Squad! (And Spying!)
The Fun Squad (Jazzy Skye, Jack Skye and Kade Skye) try to play sneaky jokes on April Fools Day jokes on their dad! Watch as the kids react and as the comedy unravels. Try not to laugh when the kids team up with the Ninja Kidz to see who can play the best joke on Dad Skye. The funny game reveals who is tricking who as the kids team up to see which team can play the best April fools day jokes. The awesome Ninja Kidz TV family are so fun and team up with the Skye family to do the fun sneaky spy ninja jokes on April fools day! Check out the mysterious jokes and silly sneaking. These jokes are the best. What jokes will you try this holiday? What will you do on April Fools? Would you spy, sneak up, or play a joke? This funny video is perfect for sneak, spy, and mysterious jokes for kids and people of all ages. How fun is it to play fun jokes on April fools day (and spying)?

The Fun Squad family loves to play a good joke. Whether it’s jokes on each other or jokes on their dad (he is the favorite one to do funny jokes on), they always love a funny laugh. They have the help of the other kids and some surprise toys also. Who will have the last laugh? Watch as the kids get sneaky and play a joke on each other. Who will be the funniest in the end? Who is the most sneaky ninja? Will the jokes on their dad be the best of them all? Who will play the best joke? Is it the team of Jazzy Skye, Payton Myler and Ashton Myler? Or is it the team with Jack Skye, Kade Skye and Paxton Myler? Watch all the way to the end of this video to see all of the funny kids and all of their funny jokes!

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