SNES Longplay [298] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time -

SNES Longplay [298] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

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  1. Come my ninjaz let us battle 4 control of our shitty sewers

  2. The train level music is still one of the best for any level in any game in any genre.

  3. I wish i could go to an arcade inconspicuously.

  4. This game was being sold at book and music exchange for 70 dollars ..

  5. When my little brother and I were kids we played this game over and over, afternoon after afternoon… just to see that kid jump at 35:04

    … and then, of course, we'd make the silly little body motion ourselves through the air all around the family room.

  6. hal yumkini an aleabuha ealaa bilastshin 3 wamadha aqul liabae alaleab hataa yuetiani hadhih alnusakhah 😄😅😆

  7. А в детстве думали что сега и есть самая полная версия )

  8. Is they a muslims girls who wear a pink cloths prophet muhamed said the woman nakedness and he said the man nakedness or the nakedness of the man from the navel to the knee

  9. I remember that this was way better than the Genesis version but still not near arcade. The arcade version is called TMNT 3 so not sure why they made this a 4.

  10. We finally beat the game me and my friend this morning omg it was fun

  11. The best tmnt game shredders revenge has potential to surpass it and looks to have sharper graphics but this was when the gaming for tmnt was at its peak it had variaty and stuff just perfect man

  12. Oh boy…2020 did not turn out how they thought it would

  13. I finished this game with my son !
    it's great fun to finish it but the end was very full-bodied.

  14. I wish the first teenage mutant ninja turtles came on Super Nintendo instead of the NES or they could of released it also for the Super Nintendo I don’t like turtles in time as I like the first turtles game that had the original voice actors you can tell turtles in time had different voice actors that’s what ruined it plus it didn’t have the song intro the arcade had even on the PS3 and xbox 360 to play the arcade version you would need to play it on mame 32 or own the arcade machine

  15. Que buenos recuerdos con este juego 😃

  16. One of the reasons why I enjoyed this game was the 1st Shredder boss fight as you could actually throw Foot soldiers at him during the fight. I mean just using a move that breaks the 4th wall was a treat to see.

  17. Visuelement proche du dessin animé de 1987 et du jeu d'arcade de 1989 est probablement le meilleur jeu de la série avec son action et humour au rendez vous😄😄😄!

  18. I remember this game a classic 30 years old and the music was very cool I loved the music. But those mousers and Roadkill Rodney were the most annoying creatures in the game


  20. Re-releasing in 2022 in the brand new TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection for consoles (Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S), and PC (Steam) 😁

  21. I seriously can't believe this game and it's 90's collection family of games are getting re-released!
    I have been dying for this game to be re-released as far back as Wii's Virtual Console and I was in that pit of thinking it was never going to happen. Thank you Digital Eclipse!!
    Also these games and Shredder's Revenge, what a year for TMNT gaming!!!

  22. Ah yes, I remember riding my hover board in a neon new York in 2020

  23. Bro I remember this game so well from when I was like 4

  24. Still haven't figured out what a "green slimball" is…..

  25. Played yesterday with a good friend 😄👍🏻

    What im not understand, Why Bebop and Rocksdaddy kill each other?

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