Sniper Shootout! 35 Frags - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja -

Sniper Shootout! 35 Frags – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

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Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

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  1. Anyone else start tearing up seeing the semi with the containers. If ykyk

  2. We were in the good ole days without knowing 😪

  3. Back then sniper shots were unlimited but now it’s only 51

  4. I dont miss fortnite season3 I miss what i use to do 4 years ago what I use to think 4 years ago, what I use to like 4years ago. And yea the memories, and fortnite. But I dont take fortnite to serious comparing to other things.

  5. The amount of happiness and sadness is so much.

  6. Good boy, now go outside, mow the lawn, wash the cars, clean your room and take a shower.

  7. Remember when fortnite was actually good?
    yea good times…

  8. I’m so happy this came through my feed. I don’t see things being as entertaining as they were in this time period

  9. 37 people land at tilted

    Ninja: Aw shit here we go again

  10. Only like the old ninja . …aggressive,pottymouth. Genuiality.miss these

  11. I always wonder why they added the revolver in sniper shootout when the LTM first came out

  12. So you’re telling me that this was almost 4 years ago🤯. Time soars

  13. Randomly recommended in 2021, man I wish I could go back to these days

  14. Du er go i fornte kan du Ade ChrisanderXL.

  15. Watching this in December 2021……. Mane I miss this🥺

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