State of Unreal - Senua's Saga: Hellblade II | GDC 2023 -

State of Unreal – Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II | GDC 2023

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We’re pushing the boundaries of realtime facial animation in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, as showcased at GDC 2023 with Unreal Engine.


  1. I love hardcore suicidal woman who declared war on gods, go girl..

  2. Sorry but i need french dub, i would have enjoyed 1 more

  3. I’m sorry, but the animations are way off. The Uncanny Valley is definitely achieved here. Looks great. But they really need to find a way to make the movements more believable.

  4. well you could dub this masterpiece in Portuguese Brazilian

  5. Senua was the Joan of Ark before Joan of Ark

  6. Good to hear from you guys. I was actually getting a little bit worried about the game and seen any updates in a while. I thought something happened take your time just good to know that you guys are still working on it.

  7. I have waited so long that i feel now this will not run on my PC lol

  8. Mostly looks great but definitely getting that uncanny valley on the upper lip on some of the motions. Yeah, very superman in justice league uncanny valley

  9. Man…where was this graphic quality in the new Suicide Squad game?…

  10. Can you fix the facial expressions? I actually want this game to be good.

  11. What's the point? We don't have any fucking games to play at all. All we have are these CGI demos of game engines yet all the games look like F2P bullshit.

  12. The contradictory feeling of anger from Melina's expressions with the softness of her voice is perfect. The motion capture/face model are insane.

  13. I'm not completely convinced… I don't know if she's smiling or angry and her mouth doesn't match the rest of her face.

  14. I AM SO PROUD OF HER! Also fucking amazing that you hired a disabled (fibromyalgia) person and gave them the time to heal as they worked! I truly cannot wait to see this game!

  15. Its CGI from the beginning i think. Theres no cut.

  16. I love that in an age, where it’s nothing but romanticism about Vikings in Norse mythology, we have a character who is a Celt completely fucked over by Vikings. Just look at what they did to poor Dillon in the first one.

  17. Melina as Senua: I will destroy you and whoever steps in my path
    Melina as Melina: good? Did you like it? Haha giggles

  18. God I am just astonished by her acting! It’s truly amazing to watch!

  19. The real woman is far prettier than the CGI version.🤔

  20. Keep it up! And take all your time please, no rushing!

  21. She's beautiful.. can't wait for the game as the first one kicked ass.

  22. I'll probably see those eyes in my nightmares tonight

  23. There is something going on with her upper lip. Other than that it looks great!

  24. U guys seen that switch at the end smoothly change it's lightning as the torch moves and back.. Wow.

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