Stickman Shadow Hero Ninja (by Toucan Games 3D) / Android Gameplay HD -

Stickman Shadow Hero Ninja (by Toucan Games 3D) / Android Gameplay HD

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Have you ever dreamed about Stickman Hero Ninja for survival of the kingdom? Play as a Stickman Warrior Shadow Ninja Hero and secure your king of the kingdom with the power of super heroes. Use your Stealth Mode and Kung Fu fighting skills to attack and fight for survival in this stickman ninja game. There are many chaos in Japan, and people need a real hero as their protector. The Japanese warrior and his criminal group spread terror in their lands, killing and fighting. Start the final fight between Stickman Shadow Hero Ninja and Japanese warriors. The mission of Ultimate Ninja Ninja Stickman is spying, murder and guerrilla warfare. Stickman Shadow Hero Ninja is a crime game in which crime in the city is on the extreme and you are going to save your king of the kingdom with a stickman fighting kungfu skill. Police and armed forces are unable to handle the crime town and killer criminals in this super hero ninja game. You have to act like a stickman ninja warrior to finally survive a big city with incredible powers. It is time to turn the real adventure of super hero fighting skills into a ninja ninja stickman. In the city there are gangsters and criminals. Now it’s your turn to fight like a boss and free your people from criminals. It’s the Ultimate Street fighting adventure with epic Kung Fu Ninja Fighting adventure for action game hunters!

Story Stickman Shadow Ninja Hero: Once upon a time in feudal Japan, far away on the ocean and snowy mountains was the Kingdom of the Ravens. The people of Ravens were calm and industrious. Their lands were evergreen and rich in agricultural and mineral resources. After Ravens was threatened by the “Stickman Evil Ninja Warlock” Kimachi due to the rich earth, King Stickman Ravens ordered the army commanders to teach his fighters the ancient art of Ninjutsu. As he met Ninjutsu, not long after his return, Raven was hit by a series of attacks of evil, the Square of Kimachi Ninjas and King Ravens were abducted. Stickman takes on the ability to save people from the Stickman Criminals, start blaming enemies with the Samurai sword in this ultimate Survival game. Run away, gangsters with skill Humiliate demon bosses with masterful Kung Fu skills. Kill the gangsters with the deadly blade of the sword in this Crime game. Enjoy the latest action of the super hero heroine, blessed with the powers of the hero! Ninja Ninja Ninja Ninja is on a hunting mission to clean up the mess and save the kingdom and the king. The heroic battle between the Super Ninja hero and the Japanese warrior takes on a new twist when he gains special powers of the Stickman ninja. Play this action and try to kill the criminals and gangsters in this stickman game. Bad warriors committing crimes that catch and destroy places in Japan and kill peace. Try your dangerous Kung Fu attack and do not let the evil criminals spread the terror among the people. Only you can risk the killer gang as a fighting hero. Do not let the world share the streets. Enjoy this fun, addictive game with a true fighter legend against the boss of the mafia! Play Stickman Shadow Hero Ninja for the extreme crime of criminals!

 Stealth mode and martial arts style of ninja masters in the shadow
 Multiplayer games with weapons and combat
 Stealth and fight between ninja fight
 Turn on background music with HD graphics
 Realistic stealth and fighting moves
 Player Punch, Power ups and Combos
 Live the life of a stickman ninja


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