Summit Calls Out NINJA for 1v1 and CARRIES his Placement Games! -

Summit Calls Out NINJA for 1v1 and CARRIES his Placement Games!

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  1. I thought summit said he would never play valorant???

  2. I can picture ninja at home "ok ok ok ok ok" lmaoo

  3. Summit would definitely win against a sellout .

  4. Jaryd, Can you please explain the origins of your "I'm dying/dead" sounds that you make with your mouth? I'm mean no disrespect, i just would like to know 🙂

  5. Hahaha The Ms doubtfire sound queue was so fucking good XD

  6. i cannot stand Valorant. lol the ONLY time i ever watch anything on it, is when Summit is playing it.

  7. a stream of ninja 1v1s would be fun as hell to watch. CS and halo.

  8. When summits' subscribe notification is still lol at 628k when he is at 663k lol

  9. Who cares if Summit can beat Ninja? I need to know if he can take down the true Valorant god, StickyRamee

  10. I'm wondering if they will implement role queues in Valorant as well. Like Duelist players or Sentinels etc.

  11. I think abilities should never be able to harm only to be used as cover or distract

  12. people forget that summit was a PRO PLAYER in csgo smh. The disrespect.

  13. All that intro monologue needed was a Ric Flair WOO at the end

  14. Yeah I have my money on Summit if that were to go down. Remembered his match with Moe against S1mple and Shroud, he was pretty good there, even against aim gods

  15. ninja vs summit1g. I mean its going to be hard to be shroud child

  16. Ninja is a god at 1vs1 have you not seen OG ninja 1vs1 in halo that's were he thrives

  17. what song is playing in the background ?

  18. To people who doesn't know who Summit on his early days. He wasn't an official pro but he played against the likes of Shroud and Simple and stood his ground.

  19. Summit can 1v1 Ninja irl and still fuck em up! 1G all day

  20. I know sum sum could hold his ground watching him face simple and shroud

  21. Yeah right summit was bad at cs hows he gonna carry in valorant lol

  22. lol ninja couldnt take 5 rounds off our boy sumsum

  23. @summit1g bro ive wanted a gaming pc for so there just really expensive for a decent 1 that gives me 100+fps and if u or anyone could help me out it would mean the world i lost my job due to covid im 21 years old and have been subscribed to u for years and have always loved u and ur content i very mean it this aint no joke or excuse just for u to help me i really mean it. if u could help it would mean the world brother my paypal is @t PLEASE HELP

  24. Can you not ads in this game ive never seen anyone do it

  25. i love summit, i love ninja. but lets be real summit loses. ninja has had way more time and experience with this game. if summit grinded this game and got some of his cs skills back it would be a good match up

  26. This game looks like the Fortnite version of csgo

  27. Random: "Yo Summit you need to chill with the bong rips." dies

    Summit: "Bet?" nearly wipes whole team alone

    Remember kids, marijuana kills…. your enemies when you play FPS games.

  28. summit1g is the biggest fraud. just like most twitch streamers.

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