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Takashi ninja warrior Low MB High Graphics Android Game Review in Tamil

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Hi hello, friends in this video I will talk about Takashi ninja warrior Low MB High Graphics Android Game Review in Tamil. Takashi ninja warrior is an action-based RPG game. My aim for this video is to give awareness of Android Mobile games to Mobile Battle Royle gamers. And also in this video, I will explain Gamer Act 2021 I hope guys if you like this video please subscribe to my channel and also hit the bell simple for instant notification.

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  1. thanks for the support bro👍👍💓

  2. Bro I tried this game before 1 year and it contains lot of Bugs 🥺🥺

  3. Bro put review about swordigo game that is best action adventure platform game

  4. Kishore bro i know this game and completed and story slightly difficult to understant to compare other storymode games

  5. Super bro👌👌
    Try lone wolf game.Low mb but rich story👍

  6. I cant even understand what you saying

  7. Bro adduthadu toy odyssey podunga bro

  8. Bro adduthadu toy odyssey podunga.please bro

  9. Bro na full level mudisute ana sema game

  10. Ryuko podunga ithe company vida game sema game bro

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