Team Ninja is Rumored to Be Making a Final Fantasy Souls Game - IGN Daily Fix -

Team Ninja is Rumored to Be Making a Final Fantasy Souls Game – IGN Daily Fix

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A hot new rumor for your Monday! On today’s IGN The Fix: Games, Team Ninja might be working on a Final Fantasy game. But that’s not the craziest thing about that rumor: it might be inspired by Dark Souls. Weird, right? Take-Two Interactive recently revealed that Microsoft will be publishing “future iterations” of The Outer Worlds from now on. What does that mean? A possible sequel? Proper next-gen remasters? Who knows?! And finally we’ve got a closer look at Biomutant, presented by THQ Nordic.

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  1. And with hearing ps5 exclusive for that final fantasy game with team ninja my excitement and interest has now went to zero thats a real damn shame😔

  2. Imagine if it ends up being FF Type-1, a successor to Type-0

  3. So it will be souls like or it will be inspired by berserk?

  4. Team Ninja & Final Fantasy!! HELL YEAH!!!!!

  5. Apparently it's a FF1 reimagining in Dark Souls style. Talk about amazing.

  6. The idea of a souls like remake of dirge of cerberus would be hilarious for how much of a troll it would be

  7. Ninja Gaiden 4 is starting to feel like GTA 6 at this point. Not that a FF, dark soul like game wouldn’t be dope but it’s like, dude. Y’all are working on everything else then what we as fans should’ve got a long time ago. The last NG game was on PS3, again, PS3. Like with WB, as many people have said, we need to start speaking with our wallets. Capcom(DmC), Microsoft(X-CEO dumb remarks on people without internet for the Xbox One)etc tried that crap and found out the hard way.

  8. Remember when Final Fantasy used to be a turn based RPG? They really can't just make one of those straight up again? They gotta actionize everything? Games like Persona and Bravely Default did well, so we can always go back to that format.

  9. Two out of the three of my favorite franchises in one game I'm in lol.. as for what world idk why this came to my mind first but setting it in the FF9 world would be fun


  11. That will probly be the first souls like game id bother to complete

  12. So with every game we are just going to have a slightly different version of each one come out for the rest of our lives. 2030 will probably have a souls like red dead game. Wait…. does the hunt count?

  13. Ughh Just make a New Ninja Gaiden done right FFS!

  14. no one seems to notice that if they did that you wouldn't be able to tell if its a FF game

  15. You mean a ninja gaiden like final fantasy game

  16. I'd rather have a diablo style ff game in the tactics world, start off as a squire

  17. A souls game like FF made by the developer who butchered FF Dissidia series. hmmm

  18. Isn‘t kingdom hearts already akin to a FF-Souls mix up?

    With Minny Mouse as the firekeeper

  19. This is a combination of all the right things.

  20. Maybe it’s the Final fantasy type-0 sequel???????

  21. Team ninja did make a ff game lol. Dissidia NT

  22. Final fantasy souls like
    That's just Darkest dungeon

  23. How about remaking Vargant Story or create a sequel with soulsborne gameplay, that will be awsome.

  24. A souls-like Final Fantasy sounds like one of the best ideas I've heard in recent times

  25. Remember that bleached out Metroid shaped nightmare in the back of your brain? Yeah, Team Ninja was responsible for that too, so take caution.


  27. Just beat FF1 again would love to see a Remake in Souls style

  28. Just imagine.

    Warrior of Light slashing through tonberrys and dodge rolling cactuars.

    The boss? A behemoth or a marlboro.

  29. If this is true do not get hyped up for this you gameplay and reviews. Let's not forget they made Metroid other m. Just putting it out there.

  30. Will they stop with the attempts of recreating what fromsoftware does? Nobody managed so far.

  31. Nioh 2 is the best game of all time. Fight me

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