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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)【FULL GAME】walkthrough | Longplay (with all bonus characters)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 video game) is an action beat’em up video game released by Konami in 2003 and it’s based on the TV animated series with the same name. The game follows the story of the 1st season of the TV series, where the turtles have to fight back criminals like the Purple Dragons, the madman scientist Baxter Stockman and the leader of the foot clan, the Shredder. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles full gameplay movie walkthrough guide all levels with all playable characters tmnt 2003 video game full game
Stage 1 Things Change
0:00:00 Sewer
0:03:02 Streets
0:11:08 Alley
0:16:19 Rooftops
0:21:17 Stockman’s Lab

0:24:34 Dojo Stage The Secrets

Stage 2 Nano
0:26:10 April’s Antique Shop
0:30:50 Subway Station
0:36:06 Subway Train
0:38:41 On the Bridge
0:42:49 Junk Yard
0:47:44 Junk Yard Rear

Stage 3 Trap
0:50:00 Art Warehouse
0:55:13 Trailer Roof
0:57:09 Construction Site
1:03:53 13th Floor
1:08:21 The Top Floor
1:12:59 Air

1:15:04 Dojo Stage Progress

Stage 4 Tengu
1:17:15 Museum Entrance
1:21:09 Dinosaur Exhibit
1:27:39 Egyptian Exhibit
1:34:07 Courtyard
1:38:19 Japanese Art Exhibit

Stage 5 Notes from the Underground
1:41:39 Mouth of Underground
1:47:20 Underground World
1:55:48 Abandoned Town
1:59:30 Genetic Lab
2:05:46 Cultivation Room

2:10:17 Special Stage Ordeal

Stage 6 Justice
2:13:25 Entrance
2:21:45 Japanese Garden
2:25:14 Foot Science Lab
2:30:59 Mouser Arsenal
2:41:21 Demolition Arsenal
2:47:10 Trap Corridor
2:52:30 Heliport
2:56:42 Shinto Palace

2:59:36 Credits

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Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platforms: PC, PS2, GameCube
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Action, Beat’em Up


  1. I love how you make it look like the turtles switch in every level, even adding Casey and Splinter. There is dialogue you've missed by picking Casey and Splinter in World 1 (Raph has unique dialogue in the Alley stage, and the turtles comment on the Foot during the Rooftops stage), but I can only imagine how it have to had took so many playthroughs to do this all. Amazing job editing it all together.

  2. This is one of my favorites
    including The 2003-2009 TV
    Anime-Style Version that I use watch
    on Saturday Mornings back then!!!

  3. Sunday moring go to ps rental and play this game

  4. I have that beeping noise that means to move forward stuck in ny brain.

  5. Damn I could never get over the Junkyard boss, I always thought I completed a lot of this game, hahaha was I wrong amazing gameplay

  6. Anyone know where I can still get it for pc?

  7. Is this backwards compatible with xbox one s ?

  8. Glad I still got this game. I used to kick mf ass on this game lmfaooooo 😂😂😂😂 ahhh memories

  9. Splinter was getting his ass kicked last level lol

  10. I remember playing this game with my friend when I was younger. I miss those days😢

  11. Amazing game 😎 this was one of my 1st GameCube games! 🥷 🐢

  12. For when this game came out it had fantastic graphics and gameplay

  13. Graphics were/still looking cutting edge!
    I had much fun playing it.

  14. I spent hours battling that Nano Monster in the junkyard 🤖 unfortunately I don't remember anything after that LOL

  15. Wow i just noticed that Leo's VA is Dean's from venture bros

  16. I wish this game could be played on all new systems keep it original


  18. How can you save your progress if you dont want to play it all once?

  19. This is my game when i was a kid, playing in my old windows xp computer and stuck in nonobot v3.

  20. Wasn’t Turtles in Time so I had my expectations low when playing this game for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how decent this game is. Love it.

  21. I remember Playing it with my cousin on his PS2 ❤ such a good game❤

  22. So much nostalgia.. i need to play this game again

  23. Легендарная игра Детства Спасибо Конами

  24. Пожалуйста верните этой игре популярность чтобы в неё дальше играли😭

  25. How did you change turtles during the game ??????

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