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352 – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is quite the enduring franchise, and it spawned a ton of different videogames for about every platform you can imagine. So let’s take a look at a bunch of the games released on various consoles and handhelds.

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  1. Drew all over the ceiling and walls as a toddler after playing Manhattan project and monster in my pocket on NES.

  2. I only watch these videos for the skits at the end, skip everything else.

  3. 12 minutes in and this is one of my favorite episodes ever 🤘 so super rad thanks Joe!

  4. You missed Out of the Shadows which was released in 2013

  5. That ending tutorial was scary accurate 😂 great video 😁

  6. Ha, that ending credits scene is glorious. Gamesack rules :).

  7. My favourite from back in the day was left out: Turtles on the C64. It was pretty amazing for a system with the processing power of a potato. 😂

  8. 28:40 Because of course a French developer would have croissants as the health item.

  9. great video but where is the 2017 arcade turtles game?

  10. Tmnt 3 Mutant Nightmare didn't come out for PS3 it was PS2.
    I love it because its X-men Legends but with the Turtles.

  11. Been a huge TMNT fan for life. In Kindergarten, I had a Turtle-shell backpack. In middle school, I rented Turtles in Time from the Albertsons video corner. Still got the SNES cart somewhere. Can't wait for the collection!!!

  12. More sack for the same low price? Yeah!!!

  13. Shredder's Revenge on PS4 has always supported 6 players in multiplayer in my experience.

  14. I didn't know about the Power Stone-esque TMNT game – neat!

  15. I’ve heard the Genesis version of Tournament Fighters isn’t very good, but those stage backgrounds look great.

  16. Great stuff as usual, thank you for keeping the content coming! I would like to ask why you always buy the switch version of new games. It would be nice to have the PS4 version at least as it usually runs better, so we would know if the frame drrops are just because of the switch. History shows the switch version is almost always the inferior one.

  17. Hmm. Shredder's Revenge seems great, but why the heck do the characters look like "little people"…. almost super-deformed? Just look at April! Puzzling decision which almost ruins what's otherwise a great presentation. The classic arcade games had normal proportioned characters, no? Strange. The sprites look small in general.

  18. mutant melee is more power stone than smash bros

  19. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I love that you ignored the shitastic ReShelled version of Turtles in Time. I do look forward you to destroying it sometime though, if you haven't already and I just missed it.

  20. Your take on the 2012 Turtle designs is trash. Those are the IDW Turtles, which are superior to just about every other iteration.

  21. Despite the name, Mutant Melee looks to be more inspired by Power Stone than Smash Bros.

  22. Arcade turtles in time and Hyperstone Heist

  23. you forgot out of the shadows the game so bad they didnt even bother to renew the license to keep selling it

  24. Awesome video. And you have impeccable timing… I just binged on TMNT games myself. I managed to make it through twenty of them last month.

    I was playing through the games in semi-chronological order up until I hit Battle Nexus. That game left such an awful taste in my mouth that I lost the motivation to continue with the more modern titles. I played through a few more of the portable titles instead, as well as some serious deep cuts: The Manhattan Missions for DOS, and an obscure plug-and-play title called Battle for the City that was developed by WayForward.

    For the record, as terrible as some of the games in your video are, nothing could be worse than Arcade Attack for the DS. That game was utter trash, rendered even worse by the fact that the title is clearly trying to attract fans of the arcade originals despite the game having nothing to do with them.

    And yes, Shredder's Revenge is like digital candy. Can't wait to play through it again with multiplayer turned on.

  25. They forgot to mention the Turtles in Time Reshelled and Out of the Shadows for the PS3, I wished they gave a take on those 2 games. I have those 2 on the OG fatboy.

  26. That was the best ending skit of them all. 🤣

  27. Great work! It was wonderful growing up in the TMNT era.

  28. Lots of great games but the first TMNT on NES was TRASH. 😋

  29. First things first, rest in peace in Uncle Phil, foreal…

  30. How old where you when you drew those drawings? They're pretty good.

  31. First Game Sack episode to be banned in Europe?

  32. I thought for sure the Dave and Busters beat em up based on the 2012 series would be here, but I guess that hasn't been dumped online for emulation yet.

  33. To be fair in 1990, Judith Hoag was pretty damn hot. 10/11 me thought so. Still think she is.

    Cowabunga Collection looks so fun!

  34. I like how Danger of the Ooze title screen paid homage to the first NES game cover art.

  35. 22:15 – Haha! I never got that either! I thought it was something that made sense only to native English speakers!

  36. Didn't do tmnt turtles in time reshelled for shame

  37. I loved that first arcade game. I played it a ton, and would just watch it when I was out of quarters. It was mesmerizing. I appreciated the NES port. I still love beat-em-ups, but it's tough for me to go back to those NES games. They're a bit clunky and rigid for me, and nostalgia isn't strong enough to overcome that when I can play the actual arcade games and the 16-bit home versions. I believe SNES Turtles in Time and Hyperstone Heist used the same ROM size, though I know Konami cheaped out for Sunset Riders, so I could be remembering wrong. I do like the way Hyperstone Heist plays more, with the run button being a nice upgrade. Hyperstone has issues, like a noticeable lack of content(more animation frames, but significantly fewer enemy types), and everything explodes, even organic life forms. Turtles in Time definitely wins in terms of content and variety. I never loved the music for the SNES game. I always preferred the smooth FM arrangements from the arcade and Genesis. I know the SNES music has fans, and there are sections I like, but it just has too many elements I think could have been done better. The lovely thing is that there's hack that allows for the use of the arcade music with the SNES game. It's like playing the never-released Nintendo Playstation/SNES CD.

    As for arcade Turtles in Time, when it was new I wasn't into TMNT anymore, so I played it many years later. It plays kind of weird at first and I didn't get into that one for a while. I finally got to fully appreciate it a couple of months ago. I also recently played the GBA games. I liked the two Konami ones, though they're strange. I like the presentation of the GBA TMNT, but it just ran out of steam for me and got tedious. Traditional beat-em-up games don't normally get tedious for me, so their attempts to stretch the game out and add story didn't work for me and the gameplay let me down a bit too.

  38. 28:40 because it was made by Ubisoft Montreal … french, you know … Croissant 🙂

  39. Some of my all time favorite video games are based on the TMNT.

  40. turtles' toys were AMAZING.
    they were the only toys you immediately smashed on the pavement when you bought them.

    after that you put em back together so they could lose limbs in battles, toys afterwards didn't have that feature and that quickly made me grow out of them.

  41. “I’ve got 25 console games to talk about.” *proceeds to talk about an arcade game two games in*

  42. I love tmnt, I have a lot of stuff from them including the VHS movies trilogy, neca action figures, and most of the games original. You missed the remake of turtles in time re-shelled for ps3, is not amazing but it has some good things in the gameplay. If you play battle nexus you can unlock the original arcade game, if you play mutant nightmare you unlock turtles in time arcade, if you buy tmnt smash up it comes with a limited edition comic. Also there's a fan made game called tmnt rescue palooza, highly recommended guys and it's free. Thank you for this amazing video.

  43. Everyone knows he's named "Ralph". Like the line from the beloved theme song: "Ralph is the one who's cool but named Ralph".

  44. In the original series, the Shredder runs away like a baby before the turtles get anywhere near him and leaves a trail of lava behind. This is what makes him so accurately portrayed in many of the original video games:
    TMNT 1 for NES: Shredder moves slowly and barely uses his retro mutagen gun. Way easier to beat than the journey to reach him, even more so if you have three or four scrolls.
    TMNT arcade: Shredder needs to clone himself to fight the player(s). Then when he runs out and faces four players surrounding him, he can't do anything but take four pounding attacks.
    TMNT 2 for NES: Shredder still needs to clone himself into two to fight one turtle.
    TMNT 3 for NES and Turtles in Time: He needs mutagen to make himself grow into Super Shredder. Again, just to fight one turtle.
    Without his Technodrome, mega weapons, gadgets, robots, Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, and WITH his armor, Shredder is nothing but a spineless coward. Lock him alone in a room with April and she'd beat him to a pulp with her camera without even sweating in her jumpsuit. Tell me I'm wrong.

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