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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Trailer Reaction

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It’s Mike and Nick in the afternoon plus Andy! Today they boys invite Tim on to react to the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem trailer and then grab a jolt of energy with the official KF Rankings of Monster Energy Juices.

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  1. Now I want a 3h stream of Andy and Nick creating random music

  2. 59:12 Kevin unknowingly making music with nick? Buh buh buh buh buh buh “give him some subtle notes” Buh buh buh buh buh buh “that was nicks response!”

  3. Anyone know what game they are playing? It looks fun

  4. loving the new iteration of TMNT, it's vibing elements from so many previous iterations right back to the early print runs, though to the 80's show, 90's movies and more modern versions.

  5. I am shocked they didn't pick GFuel flavors in one of the draft rounds

  6. Why not title this Mike and Tim in the afternoon?

  7. 4 monster samples in and Mike start talking 1000 mph. 🤣

  8. A bit weird they use Mike for the Thumbnail when he's the one leaving to make room for Tim to react to it xD

  9. This was great, you can literally see the Monsters yakking all of them 😂

  10. The start of this stream made my freakin day lol. Thank you for the much needed laugh as always 🙏🏻

  11. My guess is that most of the mutants are gonna end up joining the turtles side near the end specifically because we have all of the mighty mutanimals who in the comics started as bad guys who later formed there own hero team

  12. 🤣Jason Mamoa looks sooo fat in the Fast X trailer, Nick’s looking MUCH better than Jason

  13. The whole intro bit then coming back 40 minutes later was hilarious

  14. With Nick's trumpet, get Mike a trombone & u got a Ska band

  15. This movie has the same problem with Rise. They change to fucking much and it's yet another TMNT origin story. Just adapt IDW Turtles they're the best incarnation of the Turtles and the longest running series with brand new and tastefully added characters. The Mullet Splinter was offensive.

  16. Trumpet my ass. Nick will steal my idea of convincing Joey to let him inside Greg’s house while he’s gone so he can steal one if not all of Ben’s musical instruments to play next week On Mike and Nick in the afternoon, now playing at 11am West Coast Best Time

  17. Just gunna say…no one gave Nick the drum kit… he took it. But let the man keep it!

  18. Building a Lego BD-1 set with this in the background. Thanks guys!

  19. Not scrubbing through three hours of footage to try to find what I clicked for. Have a dislike.

  20. So glad Tim made an appearance. Love that guy

  21. This was my favorite piece of KF content in a long time. Utter chaos lol

  22. I miss the photoshop challenges with every fiber of my being

  23. If Andy ever decides to shave his head Nick has to do it too, its the only way they will get through it..together 😁

  24. The b-ballin'
    totally tall an'
    guitar riffin'
    radically spiffin'
    NitroRifle… Andy Cortez

  25. Go Scarpino! Nice house party moves bro I’m so impressed with that I think I gotta give you patreon sub now that was dope AF like Kinda Funny AF lol

  26. It is a lost cause, when it comes to food, for Andy and Mike. They will always be that fussy pre-teen eater, always.

  27. This is just further proof that KF/AF with Mike would be fucking hilarious.

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