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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Chapter 2

Kanji Sengoku
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  1. I paid for this same game about 2011 bought it at gamestop for 16 bucks no disck had to download it on my old ps3…i wonder why it's no where to be found in my PlayStation account.

  2. Who's your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ? 🕳🍕 🐢

    Mine: after having had them all as my favourites (on shift, mainly Leonardo), but today i will have to say Donatello 🈳️ 🐢

  3. This game is pretty awesome pretty cool Turtle Power do they have it on Xbox 360

  4. How do I play my friend and I choose two characters

  5. I've didn't even know this game existed. I'm getting it

  6. I know this is probably a really stupid question but Is this available on ps4? The only ps4 tmnt video game I've found is mutants in manhattan, and I'm already kind of bored by it?

  7. This game would have been the best TMNT game to date if some of the mechanics and open exploration of Mutants in Manhattan was incorporated into this to make it feel a little less like the Batman Arkham games and if the actually completed it. The voice acting is great and the turtles' designs are better than Michael Bay's trash produced versions its just the combat was slow and sloppy and the random glitches and bugs made it kinda overlooked



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  11. How do you ninja turtles get on the building

  12. لعبه هاي علـّۓ. اي جهاز بلي 2 لْـۆ بلي4

  13. It’s time to upgraded to a mature game after all is our old asses game and cartoons anyways lol

  14. Hey I dare you to make a tmnt cartoon like tmnt shorts

  15. Hi friends
    Is this game for which cosole?
    PS4 , Xbox or PC?

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