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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs TMNT (Gameboy Advance) – Leftover Culture Review

Leftover Culture Review
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So… Seriously, where are all the 32-Bit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video games? Shows like the Next Mutation and the 3rd Ninja Turtles movie didn’t give many people hope for a video game so we had to wait until the new animated series in 2003.

Konami stepped in with the game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A side-scrolling platform type game with bright colours and a very classic feel.

When the animated series was winding down and the 2007 CGI movie, TMNT became the next focus, Ubisoft picked up the license to distribute the game. Ubisoft have done a lot with the Ninja Turtles license, but their TMNT game on the humble Nintendo Game Boy Advance is one of my favourite Turtle games.

This video was a way for me to check out two, possibly under-appreciated, 32-BIT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games, side-by-side on what’s becoming my favourite handheld.

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  1. I've secured konami's, now just need ubisofts!

  2. The 2003 game was my first video game and I've had it on the Xbox ever since. It's one of those games that just holds up. I guess I'm watching to see if the GBA version was worth getting as well.

  3. My eye was drawn by the LEGO in the thumbnail while I was looking at reviews for TMNT on the GBA

  4. The GBA is an awesome system indeed and I really want an original GBA with a backlight mod as the SP tends to cramp up my hands, and I hate using an adapter for the headphone/power port, so now I just play my GBA games on my DS lite, but it's just not the same.  

  5. Awesome as always dude! 🙂 I never knew about these Turtles games, thanks for introducing them to me Bruiser they look awesome. That TMNT (2007) game looks amazing I can see now where that Scott Pilgrim Beat Em Up from a few years back got it's art style from 🙂

  6. It's been a long time since I've played the GBA Turtles games, but I remember having fun with them. I have been meaning to get them to my collection. I played all 3 of the GBA games around the same time, and my least favourite was TMNT. I hope you'll review Teenge Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Battle Nexus at some point, it was my favourite because it added some (non-mandatory) stealth elements to the mix.
    Really cool review again, thanks for making these videos.

  7. I love the OG turtles and the early 2000's I enjoyed the GameCube games too. Great review again man 🙂 rock on

  8. That TMNT game by Ubisoft looks like something I need to check out. I'm guessing a good chunk of the team that made the Scott Pilgrim game also worked on that. Great review by the way, glad you've gotten rid of the abrupt endings to your videos.

  9. I like TMNT better.  I couldn't get into the first one mentioned here.  Something about the first level threw me off….I think there was some puzzle in it.
    As for TMNT, I easily fell in love with this beat 'em up.  Throwing enemies off the building is what I remember most. Oh, and throwing them into a garbage truck. lol
    Nice review, LCR.

  10. These look like the best TMNT games I've never played! I gotta get 'em!

  11. After a long day at work, and I see a TMNT 32 bit review. Feels like I just upgraded my free time. Dude, you continue too keep putting out great reviews on unknown or forgotten games. Keep up the good work, and what is this contest about for 7 bit gaming?

  12. i am gald you review these game they are super good and welcome to the GBA games

  13. great video as always man can you do me a favor i.ve been having trouble with youtubers game sack if you get the time ask them if they have been deleting my comments i have done nothing to them there are being jerks tell me what you find out later

  14. The Game Boy Advance indeed has lots of great titles. You should review Doom for it. I am always amazed by it because it seems so playable. As for the Turtles games, i think i'll stick with the Snes version of Turtles in Time but that's probably a given since you reviewed that one also. Keep up the good work mate!

  15. Awesome review! Equally as awesome as those games look. I have that Gamecube game, and let me tell you…it's got nothing on the GBA release. I also rented the TMNT movie game for 360 from Gamefly a few years back (during my achievement addiction days), and it too pales in comparison to the handheld. I didn't realize that quality TMNT games were still being made in the 2000s. That makes me happy:)

  16. 🙂 Another awesome review! I love your video reviews, they bring back happy childhood memories! 😀 

  17. Great review–I didn't even know about these games.

  18. Hey man, what camera do you use to record your reviews? They look so colorful and nice 🙂

  19. So I got round to watching your videos. They're really good.

  20. I really liked the 2003 TMNT game, but it looks like I really need to check out that 2007 movie based one too.

  21. I Think your 2007 TMNT GBA cartridge may be a bootleg. I Took one good look at the label and I knew it was a bootleg.

  22. Great review. Really great editing and camera angles. Are you aware that the 2003 Turtles that you were playing in this review actually has an extra level where you get to fight the Shredder? It is only playable on the Normal or Hard difficulty levels though. If yo you play on Easy it will just tell you to play on Normal in order to continue. Keep up the awesome work!

  23. Wow you are on TGWTG now thats freaking awesome congrats you deserve all your fame you have been doing solid work for a long time now.

  24. bottom line some franchises deserve to stay in 2d. prime example sonic unless its all back view running stages like in generations. 

  25. I've heard about your channel just recently, I think you're pretty kick-ass, I'm subscribing

  26. There is also a part 2 on the GBA and a final part 3 on the DS that also plays the same! 🙂

  27. Hi LOCR, 
    what is that GBA cartridge reading "Turtles 4" right at the beginning of your video? I want that too.

  28. Where can I land that tmnt4 on gba by konami? Im convinced it doesnt exist…

  29. Actually for the 2003 GBA game, there is an ending but it requires that you start a new playthrough on the Normal or Hard difficulty. After completing the turtles individual stories you'll unlock the last story, it's a bit weird but oh well lol.

  30. every time I see this you tube chanel I think of left over crack

  31. Okay, hang on. There's a GBA port of the NES/arcade game? I've never heard of it and I'm very familiar with the GBA. I can't find any acknowledgement of its existence online. I think you have a bootleg there but it's weird that I can't find anything. Those are almost always documented in some way online. Where did you get that cart?

  32. Where'd you get tmnt 4? I'm being serious.

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