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The 10 BEST Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Games

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With more than 30 years worth of video games, these are the absolute best starring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! For this list, we’ll be showcasing the cream of the crop of games starring the heroes in a half shell. Our list includes “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time” (1991), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus” (2004), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up” (2009), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge” (2022), and more! Which TMNT game was your favorite? What kinds of TMNT games would you like to see in the future? Share us your thoughts down in the comments.

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  1. All that talk about Shredder's Revenge and you didn't mention the epic soundtrack once. Tee Lopes knocked it out of the park


  3. Its not a masterpiece, but Tmnt Smash up was a game I couldnt remember the name of and was looking everywhere for. Me and my neighbor played that so much! So much fun

  4. Why didn't PC Engine get a TMNT game.

  5. I actually have tmnt 1 and turtles in time on a full size arcade machine

  6. No…shredder's revenge IS the best tmnt game of all time

  7. I have a Game Boy Color and i want more games to my Game Boy Color. But can i play the old ninja turtle games on the old game boy.

  8. Don't get it twisted,…those other games were great in their time but shredder's revenge took the title

  9. if there was an open world ninja turtles game it would be awsome

  10. Ive tried everything to play free tmnt shredder's revenge on my android 😭but everything gone wasted 💔
    I was so heart broke lately
    Ya i tried without taking subscription of Netflix

  11. I think that a rabbids and TMNT crossover would work well

  12. I’m not going to say shredders revenge is the best turtles game ever made just look at the graphics the sound effects it’s a 16 bit sound effect like it’s a Super Nintendo game not a PS5 version xbox series X version Nintendo Switch version what’s the point of releasing it on these powerful consoles if they are going to play in 16 bits they should of just made them for the Super Nintendo Sega genesis TurboGrafx 16

  13. I get that the beat 'm ups are the turtle games' IP at this point…But how about a real ninja stealth kind of game. That would be awesome. Or a Sekiro/Wo long like game.

  14. My top ten TMNT games

    10. Fall of the Foot Clan
    9. Back from the Sewers
    8. Tournament Fighters (SNES)
    7. Radical Rescue
    6. The Arcade Game (NES)
    5. TMNT 2007 (GBA)
    4. The Hyperstone Heist
    3. The Manhattan Project
    2. Turtles in Time
    1. Shredder's Revenge

  15. Thought Mikey was the favorite last Ronin Turtle!

  16. He said of the Three 3D games based off the 2003 series, Battle Nexus was the best. Could not be more wrong, it was clunky and garbage as hell. At least the the first one had more of an classic beat-em-up vibe like the classic games. As for the rest of this list, it was horrible. TMNT Smash-up on here, seriously? Among Hyperstone Heist and other TMNT games not mentioned this is the list you put out? Mojo has lost their' Mojo.

  17. My favorite will always be the original arcade one, i can remember dumping tokens and just having blast with my friends at chucky cheese.

  18. Sorry to break it to you michelangelo will always be the best turtle

  19. I liked the 2007 actually alot of people do so HOT TAKE ALERT. Also it's not legendary 90's animated series because it came out in 1987 so the legendary 80's animated series.

  20. Saying battle nexus is the best of the 3 is the dumbest thing ove heard.
    The first one had different story parts for each turtle.
    Splinter is an unlockable character and the fighting and controls are far superior in the first game… Unreal

  21. Just started and finished shredders revenge yesterday. It is the best tmnt. I would love to see a new one but with the combos from the game DUST. Alos would love to see a Arkham city type game that is done well

  22. I never thought turtles in Time could ever be bested by any other beat em up. And then here comes shredders revenge! Gosh hopefully they can outdo themselves on the next gen consoles!

  23. Kinda surprised the 2017 arcade version didn't make the list. Agree with most of the list, though.

  24. Turtles in Time is the G.O.A.T. Hands down, no debate!

  25. You forget to mention the unforgettable theme tune by Faith no more front man Mike Patton on shredders revenge.

  26. Y'know My App That Lets Me Play Gba Games And Stuff But Atleast Turtles In Time Is The Best One For Me Cuz I Can't Play The Game I Don't Use Netflix :/

  27. Turtles In time character design is better than shredders revenge. Shredders revenge has a spitting image asthetic.

  28. Why tf are you suggesting to play shredder's revenge while showing the last boss? What's the point of playing if you showed them the end? Pretty stupid move.

  29. Teenage mutant ninja turtles shredders revenge is my favorite tmnt game

  30. The tmnt dlc for shredders revenge is amazing

  31. No mention of Hyperstone Heist? The first NES game? Blasphemy!

  32. For me the 2007 TMNT movie will always be the best for me

  33. GBA 2003 was my first Turtles game and still one of my favourites but I love Shredder's Revenge, can't stop playing it

  34. My favorite TMNT Games are Shredder’s Revenge and Turtles in Time. I really want an Open-World TMNT Game in the Batman: Arkham Games and Spider-Man PS4 Game Style as a new iteration of the Turtles.

  35. I personally found Battle Nexus dreadful. Out of that Trilogy I liked the first game the most.

  36. Shredder's Revenge shouldn't have dethroned Part IV: Turtles in Time but it somehow did

  37. I'm getting Shredder's Revenge and Cowabunga Collection soon. I'm seeing a lot of Turtles the now, Brawlhalla and Injustice 2 they're in too lol.

  38. Shredder's revenge basically saw the foundation of the old style games and figured what if we adapt it for the modern world of gaming and it killed it

  39. Shredder's Revenge and Cowabunga Collection are the best Turtles games ever!

  40. I agree 100% with you on Shredder's Revenge. I have it for Android and man!, it's easily the best beat 'em up I have ever played in my life!. I love it and I play it everyday; and I definitely recommend it to everyone who loves the TMNT and/or beat 'em ups. It's awesome. 👍

  41. The best TMNT game is the original TMNT for the original NES.

  42. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes shredders revenge is my favorite tmnt game

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