The 19' Mega Wall (Warped Wall) - American Ninja Warrior 2017 All Star Special -

The 19′ Mega Wall (Warped Wall) – American Ninja Warrior 2017 All Star Special

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*** Sorry about the audio, this was my first video ***

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Watch the American Ninja Warriors take on the impossibly tall mega wall.

– Jesse Labreck (Flex Labreck)
– Najee Richardson (The Phoenix)
– Flip Rodriguez (Flip)
– Joe Moravsky (The Weatherman)
– Jon Alexis Jr (The Giant)

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  1. Bring a dog and command your dog to chase someone, idk it'll work or no

  2. if only the commentators would stfu for a second.

  3. Haha saying it was mainly to do with his technique. It was because of his height.

  4. Give chance to mexican people they climb 100 feet no problem.

  5. His height played a major role in his winning.

  6. наобманывало какое..у всех пищало по отметке а у последнего не засчитан заступ, сранная толерантность

  7. This is stupid. Obviously the tall guy has an advantage!

  8. Doesn't look like a fair competition since the tallest ones are obviously going to have an easier time of it. Yao Ming wouldn't need a run up just stretch his hand out

  9. This just in from Australian Ninja Warrior. We just defeated your 19 foot warped wall record by 10 inches. Old record 19Ft or 5.79m. New record 5.80m set by Josh O'Sullivan and 2020 Australian Ninja Warrior champion Vic Ben Polson.

  10. Hahaaaa! Josh o'Sullivan just beat this record, 5.8m. and he's only 1.77m tall

  11. Australia Ninja Worrier Just Beat Your World Record Last Night

  12. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

  13. حيتاج هو اصلا صويل كنت عارفا قبل منعرفش شكون لغايربح

  14. Sorry I love this show. Drew Flip & friends but I’m in Australia & we r stepping up. 2 of our Aussie ninjas beat this record. Only just though. Respect us & youse.when’s 2021 USA vs the world coming?

  15. At the end the presenter hands him the medal as if she is giving him a dead rat

  16. Michael Jordan
    Wonder Woman
    Miles Morales
    Pablo Escobar
    Forrest Gump

  17. To all viewers in 2021 this was when Kobe was alive rip kobe

  18. The taller guy obviously has an advantage.

  19. Одуван просто самый высокий из них.

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