The 19' Mega Wall (Warped Wall) - American Ninja Warrior 2017 All Star Special -

The 19′ Mega Wall (Warped Wall) – American Ninja Warrior 2017 All Star Special

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*** Sorry about the audio, this was my first video ***

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Watch the American Ninja Warriors take on the impossibly tall mega wall.

– Jesse Labreck (Flex Labreck)
– Najee Richardson (The Phoenix)
– Flip Rodriguez (Flip)
– Joe Moravsky (The Weatherman)
– Jon Alexis Jr (The Giant)

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  1. Flex Labreck really did that. She was so close! Being a woman, im so proud of her to have come that far


  3. It's very very very amazing, especially the girl was superb

  4. not technique or speed. its just because of his height.

  5. I think height also does matter in this target…

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  7. the delay kinda makes this video annoying

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  9. American Ninja Warrior is how gladiators american of 1989?

  10. Нечему удивляться тут. Рост имеет значения, хули.

  11. En Japón los extaculos son más difíciles

  12. I wanted the Phoenix to win but life is full of surprises

  13. а что лилипута не поставили соревноваться с баскетболистом ? было бы так же честно.

  14. У него рост слишком большой и ему все легко дается ☻

  15. Najee Richardson with 5'7" height but still dominating with one arm grip🔥👍🏻

  16. He won only due to his height advantage…..i think pheonix and weatherman did well!

  17. The guy Najee Richardson with height 5.7 is the real winner…

  18. the fact: This TV show is not original.
    Japanese TV show aired the same show "sasuke" long time ago.
    maybe American TV producers stealed the idea and copied whole thing.

  19. I like the performance of that girl.

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