The Best Runs from Young Ninjas - American Ninja Warrior 2020 -

The Best Runs from Young Ninjas – American Ninja Warrior 2020

American Ninja Warrior
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Watch Barclay Stockett, Mathis “The Kid” Owhadi, Casey Rothschild, Michael Torres, Jackson Twait, Seth Rogers, Brian Burk, Taylor Amann, Zach Day, David Wright and Lucas Reale throw down some of the best runs from ninajs under 25.
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This action-packed series follows competitors as they tackle a series of challenging obstacle courses in city qualifying and city finals rounds across the country. Ninjas who successfully complete the finals course in their designated region move on to the national finals round in Las Vegas, where they face a multi-stage course with up to 23 obstacles. The ninja who completes all four stages – including the final 75-foot rope climb – takes home a grand prize of $1 million. If no competitor finishes all four stages, the ninja that advances the farthest (and the fastest) on the course, also known as the “last ninja standing,” will take home $100,000.

The Best Runs from Young Ninjas – American Ninja Warrior 2020

American Ninja Warrior


  1. why he use cap? if its fall he will fail bcs its his body part based on the rules

  2. The most interesting program I wanted to see

  3. Most interesting support program I wanted to see

  4. japanese ninja can walk on water they will not get eliminated.

  5. The thing that I hate about this is the camera showing people screaming every 10 seconds

  6. Essas pessoas além de lindas fazem alguma coisa. E eu só tô sendo feio aqui olhando eles

  7. Me encanta este programa lastima ya no lo dan en trutv Colombia 🇨🇴

  8. Really i am soo crazy to watch just like this sport programme……

  9. 18 dude wtf did he waste all those energy to delight xD

  10. Is it just me, or does most of the obstacles seem rather easy?

  11. Hola soy nuevo suscriptor saludos y bendiciones desde Guatemala 🇬🇹♥️

  12. I hate when the berkanader keeps screaming after he does a thing

  13. Meu Deus que programa “FENOMENAL” Brasil 🇧🇷 presente aqui 🤍

  14. アメリカ版はスケールが違いすぎる…

  15. Imagine these guys join the wipeout🤣

  16. Jajajajaja and they're the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 really??? LOL

  17. Free Penny Lane Ippolito from DHS in fort Collins colorado! Officer Kroschel of the Silverthorne police department shame on you!

  18. The upper body strength needed for this is incredible 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  19. All ninja participate are super duper superbbb ninjas… I loving it …. Brawo…

  20. Taffest challenge I have ever seen in American Ninja warrior…

  21. did anyone notice how at 24:18 the lil girl thought he was going to high five her but then he didnt and omg i feel abit bad fr her haha

  22. ANW have the shouldname changed to fail armies.

  23. The new format had destroy the show
    While these are good warrior; I think if this warrior can had a try on Las Vegas try it would be great

  24. The girl tried to make it and sure she was fabulous and amazing.

  25. Is it weird to find the strong young women attractive? Barclay Stockett is hella fine.

  26. СУПЕР девушки и РЕБЯТА, отличная спортивная программа! Все такие молодцы! 😍😉

  27. Кейси Молодец СУПЕР! ☺👍✌

  28. A nova geração de esteroides anabolizantes.

  29. Salut untuk tim kreasinya karena banyak sekali variasi rintangannya.
    Usul bikin rintangan bicycle track yang di kayuh menggunakan tangan.

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