The Best Runs from Young Ninjas - American Ninja Warrior 2020 -

The Best Runs from Young Ninjas – American Ninja Warrior 2020

American Ninja Warrior
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Watch Barclay Stockett, Mathis “The Kid” Owhadi, Casey Rothschild, Michael Torres, Jackson Twait, Seth Rogers, Brian Burk, Taylor Amann, Zach Day, David Wright and Lucas Reale throw down some of the best runs from ninajs under 25.
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This action-packed series follows competitors as they tackle a series of challenging obstacle courses in city qualifying and city finals rounds across the country. Ninjas who successfully complete the finals course in their designated region move on to the national finals round in Las Vegas, where they face a multi-stage course with up to 23 obstacles. The ninja who completes all four stages – including the final 75-foot rope climb – takes home a grand prize of $1 million. If no competitor finishes all four stages, the ninja that advances the farthest (and the fastest) on the course, also known as the “last ninja standing,” will take home $100,000.

The Best Runs from Young Ninjas – American Ninja Warrior 2020

American Ninja Warrior


  1. I lost my mind at the cat watching through the ipad

  2. I wonder what they'll call the kid when he's to old to be the kid

  3. そり立つ壁がそり立たないっていう

  4. USA Ninjya is …
    smart、tough・・・and Cool!。 to remember JPN Bunpei Shiratori(白鳥文平)

  5. This show is the 2nd takeshi’s castle

  6. В девку в красном влюбился 🥰
    Но характер не тот такое чувство 😖

  7. Has anyone checked if he is actually a primate??

  8. Pena que no brasil não tem um campeonato desse

  9. I will never forget my second walk on in Philadelphia, I was the last one their that night, I legit got dragged out of the tent by my neck no lie by a security guard into to rain to go back home to Massachusetts! I did nothing wrong, how dare they grab me by the neck n drag me into pouring rain n I did nothing wrong! Another George Floyd act

  10. You're telling me this was during the height of the pandemic, and not a single audience member has a mask on ?????? I don't give a rats behind if everyone was tested beforehand, it's the appearance, so safe or not, you can be a carrier with no symptoms, you need to show the viewing public that you are aware of the dangers, especially during a so called athletic event.

  11. What is the difference between a real man and a monkey? Man makes history.

    Monkeys compete in agility. It is not true when they say that man descended from a monkey.

    Evolution makes a monkey out of man.

  12. 7.54 сложный дали парню путь капец.

  13. I wish we could see this competition in the olympics

  14. They're going to have to make the opsticle course harder . Man what's next !? Been watching for years . It's the only show I record . Nuthing else on TV worth watching. I would like to see more water opsticles but I'm afraid that someone is going to push it to far and have accident . Climbing is tough and fun to watch as well and safer you just fall in to the water .

  15. What s the point of this show? Bunch of no names jumping obstacles.No wonder people are becoming more and more stupid

  16. the most insteresting sport program i want to see

  17. Почему этого нет в России?

  18. El mejor programa de comprtencia atletica del mundo

  19. I love American Ninja Warrior. These athletes are incredible. What I don't understand, however, is why the prize money is so little? Yes, for me, $500,000 is a lot of money but this is a major network show. Isaac Caldiero won $1 million on Season 7 so why is the prize money cut in half now? There have only been two winners in the history of the show, Isaac and Drew Drechshel. NBC has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars. Why can't American Ninja Warrior pay out a more substantial prize?

  20. You can arrange and take away any obstacles you want. You just can't mess with the "WRAPPED WALL".

  21. american ninja warior is totally insane broo !!

  22. YO.TODAVIA.LA.AMO….16.🙇🙇🙏🙌🙇🙇🙇🌓🌔🌔🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🙇🙇🙏🌓🌔🙇🙏

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