The Best Team Ultimate Jutsu in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 -

The Best Team Ultimate Jutsu in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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  1. Nah seven ninja swords men of the most go hard fr 😊

  2. Y'all just giving this guy money for fake content just to say what u love bout the topic like gofund me

  3. GrassDaOne94 let’s fight 🙏🏾anybody we can do it 🎉

  4. Have you ever heard of akatsuki team jutsu

  5. My personal favorites are the the team 7 ultimates and the hokage ultimate the sasuke and itachi ones are also really good too

  6. They planted Naruto in the ground like seed😢😢😮

  7. Nah it’s 5 Kage akatsuki or 6paths assume and naruto

  8. Lol anybody ever land a ultimate jutsu on me I'm making them delete the game in rage

  9. it's okay but Itachi and Shisui is a much better team ultimate

  10. Good thing you didn’t always play GTA San Andreas

  11. Nobody talk about that Zabuza and Haku ult very underrated

  12. Guy and Kakashi’s is lowkey better than

  13. Bro, I've already played Naruto Storm, but I think Six Paths: Almighty Scream is much cooler

  14. Naruto with his parents will stab you in the heart

  15. my fav is rock lee and guy they do some serious damage 😮

  16. Why don't they fight like this in Shippuden

  17. This is actually one of the worst, it's just plain and boring tbh

  18. Akatsuki and 7 hokage is the most epic-est combos to live

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