The Greatest Samurai and Ninja Video Game of All Time -

The Greatest Samurai and Ninja Video Game of All Time

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For our complete Top 10 list of the the games that best fulfill the fantasy of being a samurai or ninja, head over to WatchMojo:

When it comes to the best samurai and ninja video game of all time, a few titles clearly standout. In 2019, “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” was our game of the year – making it the obvious choice for number one here … But then in 2020 came “Ghost of Tsushima”! So we asked: which game best allows players to fulfill their fantasies of being a samurai and/or a ninja? Our choice … “Ghost of Tsushima”! Do YOU agree with our pick for best samurai/ninja game of all time? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. TLOU2 can eat their heart out. I LOVED this game

  2. also there is a variety of outfit that suits your preference and playstyle

  3. Ghost Of Tsushima is the better game obviously

  4. I love ghost Tsushima it’s really awesome and badass

  5. Having beaten both Sekiro and Ghosts of Tsushima, I still feel that this was the wrong choice. The duals are fun in ghost but none of those fights even compare to the intensity and incredible level of satisfaction when you beat any of the bosses in Sekiro. While ghost is filled with so many gorgeous landscapes it doesn't have any memorable locations. The tightly designed and interconnected levels of Sekiro stick in the mind more to the point where you won't need a guiding wind to tell you where to go. Player choice in Sekiro is so much deeper because the world and multiple characters fates are determined by your actions. Ghosts narrative makes you think how you play affects it but it's really down to just the weather and an A or B choice at the very end. Being a ninja in ghost isn't nearly as fun as being a samurai. Besides the tales, the rest of the side content in ghost are really just the same open world nonsense we've seen before and even though the lesser side check lists are interactive, their rewards aren't worth it. For me when I finally beat the final boss of sekiro, it was one of my favorite gaming moments. When I beat ghost, I enjoyed the emotional end but felt that the final cutscenes that played after making either final choices could have been stronger. Sekiro changed how I felt about other games I've played. Ghost of Tsushima was just another solid PS4 exclusive

  6. Got is looks cool
    But sekiro feels new…always every bosses feels even harder..

  7. Sekiro does have stealth too y’know. Plenty of it at that.

  8. This game is tremendous. Just when you think you have discovered/unlocked all techniques, something new arises.👏🏽👏🏽

  9. Help me get 1k subs with one video please says:

    Did you know that having more beginnings than endings is the secret to having a successful life?

  10. I understand where you’re coming from. But using „Bossfights“ as a point to say Ghost is better than Sekiro is a misfire. You might be right on other aspects. But there is not a single game that does cooler bossfights

  11. Who the hell would put Sekiro over Ghost when asked?

  12. samurai and ninja are two completley different things. thumbs down just for that

  13. I beat both Sekiro and Ghost. Sekiro is leagues better. Both games are amazing. But no one makes games like From Software. Sekiro all day baby.

  14. I would give honorable mentions to Onimusha, Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden.

  15. Honestly I wish this game didn’t come out because now Animal crossing probably won’t win Game of the year.

  16. This is just my personal opinion but I always feel that video game stories based on realism have an edge over stories that include fantasy elements eg for me The last of us 1(not 2) is better than God of War

  17. I don't think I will ever play this game stealthy… the standoffs are too badasses, especially if you play it in japanese and italian dub in kurosawa mode

  18. im one trophy away from Platinum for this game! As well as it being my first Plat!

  19. Ghost of Tsushima is way better than Sekiro and it's not even close.

  20. I love the look and gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima. Now if only it wasn't an PlayStation exclusive

  21. Best the main story and I’m currently grinding through the side missions and am waiting for the new multiplayer mode to take this to another level.

  22. Your hashtag is MinjaGames by the way. I believe it's an error.

  23. Isnt another point that sekiro is way more fantasy? That doesńt have to be a bad thing but if i want to feel like a ninia or samurai i would rather play a more realistic game

  24. i just played ghost and i love it more than sekiro i am sorry but sekiro just another souls like games and that not what i like about it

  25. I wish I could play the From Soft games for enjoyment, but they are for those gamers who want to prove something to themselves/others, thus they aren't easily acessible. While I never played Sekiro, Ghosts of Tsushima seems to be aiming for that setting of the Japanese historical atmosphere and cultural representation, which the video was about, not just being a good game.

  26. I need an new game plus!! I don’t wanna collect everything again, I just wanna go though the story again with my new outfits!

  27. I’m so glad ghost of tsushiama got the number 1 spot! Sucker punch really outdid themselves with this one!!

  28. I still can’t believe the final boss of this game was Jin’s uncle. Truly an intense fight!


  30. I’ve been playing ghost of Tsushima for a few hours, and I’m sorry, but the combat PALES in comparison to Nioh 1&2

  31. Can you make a video like this but about knights?

  32. GOT players are the type of people to refund a game if there's no easy mode. Git gud chump.

  33. What about Tenchu. That was an awesome game. I hope they relaunch the franchise.

  34. I am worst than a casual player but i finished sekiro i had hard time though but it was all worth it , also maybe check nioh 2 too

  35. We all agree at a point that Ghost is part experiencing heavy heavy RPG elements and part game but Sekiro is a pure pure game.

  36. I can never get tired of playing Ghost of Tsushima. That game is the Best Samurai/Ninja game ever made. Plus it boss are real, Unlike boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice!

  37. This is the real Game of the Year. Fuck the VGA's they made a terrible choice.

  38. Mark of the ninja is the best ninja game ever.

  39. I love Ghost of Tsushima. Although I personally prefer the Ninja Gaiden games and Nioh 2, I can't be mad at having Tsushima at number 1.

  40. Ghost is so good that its one of the very few games i've ever 100%ed

  41. Nioh/Nioh 2 is actually a very good game and my fav samurai game.. I really dont know why it's underrated. And folks don't talk about it. Maybe the difficulty?

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