The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame - Full Game Walkthrough -

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame – Full Game Walkthrough

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A complete full game walkthrough for the LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame. This is an educational walkthrough showing how to complete this game fully. Relive the glory days of arcade gaming with Golden Axe: Play master system emulator online – start your quest now.

This channel features instructional & highly edited video game guides, walkthroughs, speedruns and other uniquely transformative videos. My own personal gameplay, extensive editing & creative input are clearly added into each video, ensuring that all videos adhere to YouTube’s partner program guidelines. My walkthoughs take tremendous amounts of work & editing so that all videos are straight to the point & can be used as professional video game guides. I have spent thousands of hours practicing & mastering games before recording to ensure the highest quality gameplay possible. All gameplay is my own & is recorded and edited solely by me. Permission to upload each game was provided by the game publisher.


  1. كيف يتم تثبيت اللعبة ارجوكم

  2. i did all the mission BUT the master chicken is so funny🤣😂😅 anyone can beat up a chicken BUT SENSEI WU

  3. i didnt even watch the movie but had this game and i LOVED it!

  4. I really want to get this on my Nintendo switch 😂

    Edit: I got it two days later lol

  5. Why do they have a lego game. The movie was awful. Way off from the show which should've been had a video game.

  6. I love Ninjago and it was also my childhood

  7. They should add mechs to change your character

  8. In in Japan so I’m going to play it when I get home

  9. I want to be a purple ninja When I Grow Up🤣🤣❤❤❤

  10. Is Lego Ninjago movie 😂👍👏😄

  11. how did you record this without any copyright bull

  12. I don't mean to sound like a hater but I ain't paying 50 bucks for a 3 hour game I can finish in a day🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. How comes after wave 4 for me it's doesn't show the chick boss fight

  14. how do i master spinjitzu on other ninjas than senseo wu

  15. I’m Disappointed That there’s no Final Boss In The Game I Mean You Don’t Fight Meowthra I mean I was Expecting a Lord Garmadon Final Boss Fight

  16. 2:28:18 thinking about garmadon and the ninjas singing the theme song from the show

  17. I'm glad I returned this game when I got it for switch. Such a dogshit lego game

  18. PLEASE HELP ME. In the first round with the chicken in the tempel, the chicken never come. The bad guys just keep coming. The game looks completely downloaded but only downloaded 3 GB ish? Someone help. Please. Getting crazy.

  19. Platform(s) : Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Seri X dan Seri S

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