The Ninja Diaries Episode 3 | Capturing Reality (Project: Mara) -

The Ninja Diaries Episode 3 | Capturing Reality (Project: Mara)

Ninja Theory
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In the third episode of the ‘Dreadnought Developer Diaries’ we take a closer look at the art process behind Project: Mara, we see the various techniques and tools used by the team to capture reality and create our most ambitious and realistic game setting ever.

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  1. В какой программе работают?

  2. I'm not gonna notice pubes on the floor. Lol that stuff honestly doesn't matter. Make the game be interesting, have good atmosphere, good scares and good gameplay mechanics. Fibers on the corner of the floor don't impress me. Impress me with your story and mechanics ninja theory. That's what will impress me.

  3. I realise design is subjective, and this causes a distraction. When you think about it, video game characters are more universal looking, aesthetically more people accept them, it's mainly to do with symmetry. When you bring in human beings, it becomes very subjective as someone finding someone preqtty might not be the case for someone else. I wish they do use other models, it's not that I got anything against the actress, its isn't as immersive when you have the same looking person from the previous game in a new one. This is the beauty of video game, you can create someone who isn't real. Case in point Big boss in Mgsv. He looks badass and is universally accepted, imagine if a known Hollywood actor played him in a game?

  4. If gameplay experience looks like this on Series X imma cry of happines!

  5. You guys are by far one of my favorite game dev studios. You guys actually care. I honestly love that you guys are bringing to light the biggest disease of the century: mental health. Please don't ever give up!

  6. This is creativity, reaching into the darkness and pulling out truth. I can't wait to experience this next project. <3

  7. I just want to sit on the couch with a cat and have the fire on and I ll be happy

  8. At *worst*, I'll enjoy the hell out of looking at this.

  9. Never recreate places from your memories, always imagine new places. Only use details. Never entire areas. Building a dream from your memory is the easiest way of losing your grasp on what’s real and what is a dream. – Inception

  10. It was always about the tools in relation to the hardware available at a certain point in time. There is indeed a shift in how an artist create environments in video games thanks to houdini, realitycapture & modern hardware. Promising times ahead.

  11. You can make thoes materials looks real but human no so far is verry hard to make human looks real

  12. Man team xbox revolutionaising the gaming industry Xbox gonna be unstoppable this gen

  13. What i learned: Some game developers have nice apartments.

  14. I can see a lot of real world application for this. While it is used for a game, imagine you can 3D scan crime scenes to nearly exact detail. Or archeological sites. Or even old monuments and priceless statues. It will help with restoration of these pieces should they ever be damaged or destroyed. Or even artwork. It would make forgeries far more difficult to pass off when things can capture minute details. (Though, to be honest, I don't think the art world is at all interested in catching forgeries. Don't want to embarass or upset your wealthy clients, now do you?)

  15. They are actually using Blender for this! I'm so proud of this community :3

  16. Thank god this isn't being made by Ubisoft, or by launch date the graphics would be downgraded to Playstation 2 level.

  17. Amazing!!🤯🤯cant wait to see more,the in-engine looks better than reality

  18. I see the title changed to ninja diaries so we're probably getting episode 4 today.

  19. If Ninja Theory is in I'm in! If Melina is in I'm in!

  20. Very hype,but in the end will be like cyberpunk:disgusting

  21. i hope this comes to the swtich…. i want 10 fps and 240p and the game crashes if you move faster then a walk

  22. Long story short, we’re just waiting for another masterpiece

  23. They're great at characters and storytelling. But they never made a game that had compelling gameplay, with DmC being the only exception. Curious to see if they can deliver on that with this new project.

  24. Now that ray tracing (RTX) has become mainstream, this has laid the groundwork for upcoming games to utilize such technology. As whether PS5 can handle this graphical power is up in the air but deep inside im excited for the PS6 already wow just wow.

  25. How did this guy ending up in Free Guy 🤣

  26. yeah but… was it necessary to use the same actress from your past game?

  27. Ninja Theory is going to be able to do some pretty amazing things now that they have Microsofts money to play with

  28. Definitely looking forward to this ever since the first trailer. I have a feeling this is as close to silent hill as its gonna get from now on. Silent Hill: The Apartment!! That ingame engine is looking amazing! Its gonna be epic!! This is what I wish Rockstar would do with GTA 6. Make you think its real. but its not. Or is it?

  29. I’m excited for the game to come out, I’ve never seen anything look so real before

  30. Mara is played by the same actress who played Senua? Not sure if i like that or not

  31. Ninja Theory = First Real Next Gen Game Dev Studio.
    This is Absolutely Amazing.

  32. Hey @Ninja Theory
    Its been 15 months now. Are there any news on this? Did it get dropped? Or are you just keeping radio silence?
    I really just wanna know if its still being worked on or not and if it is how its going along and what we can expect.

  33. aLL the time & effort out into a project Like this is mind bLowing! this is gonna be Like nothing we have ever seen before

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