The NINJA Returns ► Toribash -

The NINJA Returns ► Toribash

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The Ninja fighters are back! With swords too at that!
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Music: Everything Shines – Tomas Skyldeberg

Replays by: Eviltorified, Swexx & Karbn, Paikor, Aadame, Shikkumo and R0i.

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  1. Remenber wat Thais próprias Yea is remenber tooo

  2. The fact that yhis is just a game and fight animayikn clean do what you do man

  3. those guys can literally make a 20 minute fight meanwhile i barely can make a noobclap

  4. You dont know how many times i spelled Toribash wrong in the search bar

  5. I used to always play this as a kid, because I thought their movements were funny when I just mash the computer.
    But when I reached age 11 I have just realized how cool this game was

  6. Make more montages like this I love the fighting. Hehe I’m blood thirsty for more

  7. I just got the game today I can’t even punch .-.

  8. This channel have a really sad story here. 1M views but little subscribers 😢 still it's a good video

  9. Most epic swords fights in that game = chinese sword style martial arts

  10. this game can teach ppl how to animate bruh how the fuck

  11. bro how the hell do they do that!?!?!?

    I can barely even do a cork

  12. When I watched this video it feels like it's not a game it's in animation

  13. Dragons for life aka don’t watch my videos man says:

    6:09 I love the toribash videos🥰

  14. Cyber fox you are brutal with your comments

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