The NINJA Returns ► Toribash -

The NINJA Returns ► Toribash

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The Ninja fighters are back! With swords too at that!
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Music: Everything Shines – Tomas Skyldeberg

Replays by: Eviltorified, Swexx & Karbn, Paikor, Aadame, Shikkumo and R0i.

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  1. THE ninja returns is mai game favoritos wat os for console os disponível is game PS4 PS5 PC WAT CONSOLE?

  2. Remenber wat Thais próprias Yea is remenber tooo

  3. The fact that yhis is just a game and fight animayikn clean do what you do man

  4. those guys can literally make a 20 minute fight meanwhile i barely can make a noobclap

  5. You dont know how many times i spelled Toribash wrong in the search bar

  6. I used to always play this as a kid, because I thought their movements were funny when I just mash the computer.
    But when I reached age 11 I have just realized how cool this game was

  7. Make more montages like this I love the fighting. Hehe I’m blood thirsty for more

  8. I just got the game today I can’t even punch .-.

  9. This channel have a really sad story here. 1M views but little subscribers 😢 still it's a good video

  10. Most epic swords fights in that game = chinese sword style martial arts

  11. this game can teach ppl how to animate bruh how the fuck

  12. bro how the hell do they do that!?!?!?

    I can barely even do a cork

  13. When I watched this video it feels like it's not a game it's in animation

  14. Dragons for life aka don’t watch my videos man says:

    6:09 I love the toribash videos🥰

  15. Cyber fox you are brutal with your comments

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