The NINJA Returns ► Toribash -

The NINJA Returns ► Toribash

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The Ninja fighters are back! With swords too at that!
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Music: Everything Shines – Tomas Skyldeberg

Replays by: Eviltorified, Swexx & Karbn, Paikor, Aadame, Shikkumo and R0i.

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  1. The fights almost looks like Capoeira instead of taijustu, but still an amazing work you did

  2. Хм Ани словно танцует …

  3. Remember when this game was puporial?

    Yeah…i remember too

  4. Doctor: * pulls out needle * this will hurt a little
    5 year old me: 2:12

  5. divido você colocar verde vs Gold Boss amarelo

  6. I love how realistic they make them move!

  7. I can’t even kick without running out of frames how do you do this?!

  8. i just got toribash i didint get it on steam i just put toribash download

  9. I love all your Toribash videos. And the music to :]

  10. Is this a dancing contest or what.why are they not hitting each other?

  11. Didn't know what this was about, clicked because of the thumbnail, stayed because of the soundtrack.

  12. Everyone sees this game and gets it because of how awesome it looked and then an overpowering feeling of dissatisfaction takes over them as they realize the sheer amount of playtime and dedication you have to put in to recreate the movement shown in the video and they sit there just staring at their monitor knowing that this game will never bring them happiness.

  13. Its 2020 and this game still looks better then a good 2020 game

  14. for new players, use /tf 1 for practice

  15. Caramba gente vai ter que ser assim mesmo bomba 1000k vaii

  16. wow it came out perfect I know it took me to make a better channel❤❤👌

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