The Worst Storm Game? | Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution -

The Worst Storm Game? | Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

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This game a is a revolutionary game in the revuolution that is storm revolution forthe fans that want revolution.
00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Ninja Escapades
02:09 – Ninja World Tournamnet
03:19 – Ninja world tournament: Flow
05:58 – Mecha Naruto
08:59 – Customization
09:19 – Battle mechanics
11:08 – More modes?
11:33 – Roster
12:01 – Online
12:23 – Recommend?
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  1. Revolution is my favorite storm game because of the awakenings, where in storm 4 are non existent, the perfect susanoo in Revolution is better than storm 4, HAshiramas BUddha makes it look like a boss fight

  2. Say what you will about this game but I got mileage out of the ninja world tournament

  3. i like revolution just hate the 3 type thing options

  4. Yea bro you must love storm connections if you thinks ts was bad only bad thing about this was the story and it wasn’t even that bad

  5. This bringing back MEMORIES……😢😢😢

  6. After playing Connections the consensus has changed to that game being worse than Revolution

  7. Connections is still worse at least this had 4 player battles it reminded me of ultimate ninja heroes 3 but sadly dropped the concept in the sequels

  8. The only thing, that was great, was the itachi animation cooking, became an icon, and, even a meme, but, overall, removing the animation and effort, became a bit of let down, for many fans

  9. Not as bad and instultive and vomitive as Connections

  10. Literally Storm 3 was the last good Naruto game

  11. I played this and actually loved the Ninja World Tournament. I also mentioned in another video's comments that in this game, there was originally meant to be a crossover character from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series called Cyberconnect2 (though her name most likely wouldve been shortened to CC2) however, due to lack of fan input in the official thing they had for her, the character was not added. I assume this was because Hyperdimension Neptunia wasnt as well known at the time

  12. I’d still play this over connections any day

  13. I watched the entire video, but in my opinion, I don’t think this is the worst Storm game. Ninja Escapades was interesting for what it was and gave us some interesting lore for the creation of the Akatsuki, Shisui’s backstory, and a little backstory on Naruto’s parents. I’m also glad CC2 decided to animate these sections of the story instead of doing a slide show like they did with generations..

    Ninja World Tournament was interesting. The 4 player tournament was actually pretty interesting and unique. I think the mode would’ve been better if the developers decided to let you make your own custom ninja, and let you learn different ninjutsu etc. like shinobi strikers. The mode certainly can be a chore, but it’s still enjoyable. At least that was the case for me.

    The mecha Naruto story was good, but for some of the major fights in the mode, they should’ve been like the boss fights we’ve gotten in Storm 2 & 3. I think that’s what was missing from that mode for me.

    The battle mechanics in this game are not that good. I know CC2 was trying something different but splitting awakening, ultimate jutsu, and team actions into 3 separate types was not a great choice. I always found it a bit annoying that I could only choose one type and I had to stick to that one type for the rest of a fight. When I used to play this game online, I think ultimate Justus types always felt like they had more of an advantage over Drive or Awakening types. But then again, I was only good enough at the game to get by when I first played it so idk XD. The inclusion of Team Ultimates was awesome, but I’m still a bit disappointed that CC2 didn’t get more creative with them like some of the team ultimates I saw in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja franchise. The stun mechanic or counter mechanic in this game was very annoying especially, online and I do agree it is spammy😆. Also, I believe this was the first Storm game where they cut out the fourth combo string. Or maybe Storm 3 was, not too sure, anyways idk why they did that.

    Tbh, this Storm game, from my personal experience, was good. This was the second Storm game I played after Storm generations and I thought it was a step up from that one. Compared to all the other Storm games, I’m not sure where I would place it.

  14. It was ok to me just more storm….no tournament was cold as hell I don't understand why people hate on it one playthrough though every once n while

  15. The fact this game introduced counters and team ultimates guard breaks stop the cap

  16. The most I remember about this Game are the True Awakenings of Obito, Madara and Hashirama. It was just insane to see giant Kaiju Battles in a Storm-Game with almost correct proportions,. Also the OST as always was great, the Ninja Escapade was also super entertaining. The Roster of Characters was good (but tbh, had to be), and anything else in the Game is solid. Except the splitting of the Battle Styles.

  17. You gave me motivation to finish the mecha Naruto story.

  18. The team ultimates were great, they got me explaining the lore to my lil brother everytime

  19. Aint no way this game was made on the 13 year anniversary of a terrist attack

  20. This game was actually good please stop storm connections is way worse don’t put worse storm game on Rev name its connections

  21. Rev wasn’t that bad it got me into teams and cemented the line I did it with nothing I played singles with drive type and was whooping ass

  22. Everyone shits on the counter, but tbh it got several patches and the game was really good for a long time before Storm 4 came out.

  23. Ok but tournament was the best thing that came out of all storm games, i miss chronicles-style gameplay

  24. Yall hatimg for no reason this game was a goated filler storm game to wait for storm 4 this shi underrated

  25. when i read the title i was tinhking "the f*uck man?! ok, no"

  26. It was bad , It was actually fun but ofc the average Joe vs the Competitive players have different views of this game and I loved it and got to do a lot of styling mechanics with awakening mode

  27. Unpopular opinion i actually like revolution but i think majority of the people didn't like it because of that broken counters which is totally understandable

  28. worst ? dude it's my fav after storm 2 everything was fire 🔥

  29. Afk players should be banned from every game unless it's like a pause game but if youre playing a anime game or something online and choose to sit there wasting time when people wanna play then get outta here

  30. tbh i love all naruto games on steam without shinobi striker

  31. No way revolutions was worst then connections. They litterally reused alot of stuff from storm 4 to cover how bare bones the content was. The special story had bits of retelling of the history mode that just felt like a cheap solution to a story board problem that a kid would've came up with . To sum it up connections wasn't worth the money revolutions is arguable given the tournament mode introducing a small scale battle royal party game and your traditional one v ones. Granted it had to resurrect all the ninjas ro make it possible I still prefer that over a copy paste watered down sequel that doesn't do justice to the new installment its building towards. I also don't get why in the special story boruto had karma yet not once was it used.

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