This NEW Naruto Game MIGHT Be The Best One... Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections -

This NEW Naruto Game MIGHT Be The Best One… Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

AfroSenju XL
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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections just might be the best storm. It could be because we’ve been in a LONG drought but this game is looking like the one

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  1. Do this nigga realize pain said I’m sorry , that shit just killed me 😂😂😂😂

  2. All i hear is Zhongli speaks menacingly in the opening.

  3. I’d rather have progression on the shinobi striker series than another storm style game. We’re drowning in fighter games.

  4. 130 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS . . . .. .AND YOU WANT MORE ?????!!!!!

  5. Love my storm game but why not just an dlc to the other game lmao

  6. Bro I know you play all the games in a new streamer trying to get my name out there, run remnant 2 with ya boi lets stream that I see you ain’t do it yet Afro.

  7. You should play Armored Core 6! You'll need to use at least 3% of your power to beat it

  8. The voice at the beginning its hawk moths voice actor💥 from miraculous ladybug

  9. Kawaki: Speaks
    Afrosenju: That's disgusting

  10. We’re back in November for peak Afro commentary 😭😭😭

  11. Code taking so many L's doesnt even seem to be in this game lmao.

  12. Senju I really hope armoured core series is in the making !! Hope you are well and better now too 🫡🫡

  13. What i hate is they added these characters onto story mode but cant add them as playable characters, thats the part that sucks

  14. Broo I don’t even recognize any of these characters with English dub🤣🤣

  15. This feels so nostalgic man watching Afro playing storm 4 early on to now watching him react to this can’t wait

  16. Look we be need at the very least the new Leaf Jonin if nobody else *Konohamaru Sensei… Asumas daughter n maybe Moegi and Udon…and give us the toughest of the old generations…kids

  17. The best one? It’s the same game.
    It’s been the same game for more than a decade

  18. Did Sakura have sex with Naruto😂 or is this a multiverse like dbs

  19. Momoshiki had the best fighting style… Everyone else seemed dry ASL… But I bet Itachi and Pain gone be them ninjas also Obito. And of course Madara

  20. How do you not care about koji kashin A JIRAIYA CLONE!!!

  21. Thank you for your videos Afro. You're great!

  22. Dude must be getting paid for promoting storm 4 almost a decade later

  23. For everybody that be hating and stuff and be saying “This was better off as a DLC” this a completely different game with new maps, combos, characters, new items and accessories etc. This is basically Storm 5 and if y’all disagree yall truly is slow

    Plus The same ones hating, The same ones buying 🤷‍♂️

  24. Bro, how we in the new age of gaming, but they still pushing gen mechanics? I ain't about to pretend that they can't make a filthily delicious Naruto game. This is the exact same game we've gotten for years, bruh, come on! They gotta do better.

  25. omg everyone!!!!. so there keeping all the charcthers from storm 4 and adding more new charcthers from boruto!!!!! omg this is gonna be the best!!!!!. i wonder if there gonna do a big story mode from the 1st naruto to boruto. from that it looks like it will go up to zubuza ark to jigen ark. i think thats were its going up to. then in the future will get dlc for code and them, i really hope they do this story mode with all the naruto ark. naruto shippuden and boruto.

  26. Please play "Your Only Move Is HUSTLE" AKA "Y.O.M.I HUSTLE"
    It is a turn based fighting game that gives you frame perfect turns. After you choose what you do, the exact frame where yku are able to do anything again, it freezes and lets you chooss another move.

    It also effectively simulates how it feels to be an anime protag, because you essentially get to have internal monolog about what to do next in what translates to an instant of the fight. It also gives you essentially Precognition.

    It is the chess of fighting games, and is simply incredible.

  27. Guys once the Boruto series ends they are going to make Storm 5.

  28. I'm only getting this game for the two new Naruto and Sasuke.

  29. Yo Afro can you please drop some more videos man

  30. Not related btw.
    I need some elden ring tips bro. I'm raging

  31. Afro come on bro don’t lie for views. This shit is nowhere near the best

  32. Look like they got asra and indra finally 💯💯👏🏾

  33. Hype beast doing their job glorifying a mid button masher game. Hope ya'll know this is why we don't get good Naruto games anymore. Smh

  34. I think they wanted to keep expectations low

  35. my nigga with the bandaged eyes looking like an adult Shisui >.>

  36. We need them to do the same formula for the storm games but just one piece 😂 one piece storm 1 would cover the beginning of the series till alabasta the 2nd game would be up until the end of emus lobby 3rd game would be up till fishman 4th game would be up til wano

  37. Connections is a dlc for the recent game they released . It even says it in the Microsoft store . I’m so confused , so it is a brand new game????

  38. I’m hoping we got Gaara and Sasori, they are my two favorite characters.

  39. We need Isshiki Otsutsuki so bad in the game! Who else agrees? Also they need to add all the kids too, Shikadai, Inojin, Cho-Cho, Iwabe, Metal Lee, Denki, the girls team. All of them! We need all the Boruto characters in it!

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