TMNT: The Last Ronin (The Game) - Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games -

TMNT: The Last Ronin (The Game) – Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games

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Who is the Last Ronin? In a future, battle-ravaged New York City, a lone surviving Turtle embarks on a seemingly hopeless mission seeking justice for the family he lost.

From the minds of the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and based on the best-selling comic book event by Eastman, Waltz, Bishop, Delgado, and the Escorza Brothers: the official video game adaptation of TMNT: The Last Ronin.

Coming to PlayStation®5.

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  1. Wish we could’ve atleast seen a turtle rq 😂

  2. It'll be a Rated E game if Nickelodeons behind it 🤦

  3. I hope its a great 3rd person linear open world game

  4. They better put everything into this, a last ronin game has to be fantastic

  5. Don't make me regret this Game, We are expecting Batman Arkham level game for this masterpiece.
    Do a solid to the Last ronin
    Don't make it a repetitive open world game either. Do something unique like batman Arkham and Witcher 3 did.
    I hate modern games and I Hope This will change it. Don't disappoint us like others

  6. I literally have a lump in my throat rn. Speechless dude honestly…..

  7. Please tell me it's an open-world TMNT game 🤞😖🤞

  8. Always hated this comic, the beauty of turtles is the foursome and the relationships between them, this line was always aimed at them edgy dudes in college, who wear shades indoors, have a ponytail and a shark tooth necklace. Hard pass.

  9. This game has the potential to be legendary…I just hope they don’t give it to CD projekt red…. Or make it an Indie game.

  10. Honestly if it's like Sekiro mixed with Assassins creed it will be the best version for the turtles 😊.

  11. I wonder if we’re going to only play as mikey or if we get to play through what happens to the others and then eventually play as mikey as the last ronin

  12. I own the Graphic Novel still need to read it but have heard many great things

  13. funny how this gets revealed just as i learn about the original comic

  14. I dont like that nickelodeon logo being there

  15. Spend some money on developing this game nickelodeon.This game could be a game of the year game if done right.

  16. I hope they mix gow and ghost of Tsushima gameplay

  17. Sucker Punch should have developed this game!

  18. Tmnt michelangelo is the only one In this game 🎮

  19. Oh hold on I've seen the comic version of those clips on tiktok!

  20. If they change the Last Ronin to be Leonardo and not Mikey, I'm not buying.

  21. The fact I see Nickelodeon attached makes me feel like it might be meh

  22. I hope there’s an option to switch from black and white to color whenever. Imagine how much the visuals would pop if they let you do it like noir

  23. Hope its a proper game, and not just a card game, or rpg, or something like Marvel's Midnight suns

  24. This was the most pointless non trailer i have ever seen. Next time maybe try showing……literally anything about the game.

  25. Tbh this has potential to be game of the year…I honestly suggest giving it insomniac or the creators of sekiro(sorry I forgot their names)

  26. It won't be rated M considering it's Nickelodeon it will probably be a softer version of the comic version

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